Three Steps for Purchasing a New Car

by on December 7th, 2014
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Buying a new car is not always an easy task. It is especially hard when you have no idea what you want or your budget is limited. Using the three steps below, you will find it much easier to purchase the perfect car that will fit your needs and budget.

Ten years have passed since I bought my last new car, a 2001 Chevrolet Impala. Prior to that, I was graced with two Pontiac Sunbirds, one while I was in college and one right after college. I didn’t need a bigger car to get me where I needed to go. When I got married and had two children, the Impala was necessary because we needed the roominess. Now my children are older, and soon they will head off to college. Hopefully, I will find a smaller car that will fit my needs for now and for later.


Before I begin research on purchasing a new car, I will figure out what features are most important to me. With the price of gas right now, I would like a car with better gas mileage than the Impala I have. A reasonable sized trunk, or cargo space, is important as well. I haul different items, like my son’s sports equipment and luggage for vacation, over the course of a year. I have had a sunroof for the past 10 years so it would be nice to have one of those again. I enjoy the warmth of the sun when it is chilly or even cold, and feeling the fresh, warmer air in the spring and fall is nice as well and saves running the air conditioner. Those are some of the more important features I would like to have. Of course, the standard items like an automatic transmission, air conditioner and CD player are the most important features.


When I have purchased new cars in the past, I have had some idea as to what I could afford, but now as a single mom, I am not so sure. I think it would be best to check with a couple of banks and see what their car loan rates are. Perhaps I will even do a pre-approval on a loan so I know exactly how much I can afford. I know in past car purchases I have allowed the car dealership to check for the best loan. Now I wonder if I couldn’t have gotten a better loan by checking the rates myself.


Anytime I buy a big ticket item I always spend quite a bit of quality time researching what is the best product. I want to make the most of my money and cannot afford to waste it. Once I know what is important to me in a car and know what I can afford, I will find reliable sources on the Internet, such as Car and Driver and Road and Track, to read reviews of the best cars with the features I prefer and the best car for my money.

These three steps will hopefully help ease the pain of purchasing a new car for your family and you. It may take some time in the decision process, such as what features are important or the research. In the end, it will be worth the time you spend making sure you find that perfect new car just for you.

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