The Worst Features of the Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 7

by on October 1st, 2014
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The Microsoft Touch Mouse is the mouse of the future and sports a stylish design, supports one, two, and three finger gestures, and even works as a conventional mouse, but the Microsoft Touch Mouse isn’t perfect and sports a few poor features as well.

Windows 7 Only

The Microsoft Touch Mouse is perfect for browsing the web, manipulating content, scrolling, panning, and navigating, but all of its innovative features are only available for Windows 7 operating system users. The Microsoft Touch Mouse is a result of an innovative research project conducted by Microsoft and was designed to take advantage of the new features of Windows 7 and therefore doesn’t support “legacy” Windows operating systems, Linux, or Mac computers. If you’re Windows fan that hasn’t upgraded to Windows 7 and are eyeing the Microsoft Touch Mouse, you’ll have to shell out extra cash for the upgrade in order to be able to use the Touch Mouse.

Wireless Range

For a seemingly advanced [and expensive] wireless mouse, the wireless range of the Microsoft Touch Mouse leaves quite a bit to be desired. With an average wireless range of up to 30 feet from its receiver, the Microsoft Touch Mouse will be ideal for use with most computers, but it won’t be ideal for those that have incorporated a desktop setup into their home entertainment center or those that are using their computer for distant entertainment purposes.

May Take Some Getting Used To

One of the biggest issues with trying new and innovative technology that closely resembles previous tech is adjusting to the learning curve. Surprisingly, the Microsoft Touch Mouse isn’t overly complicated and features one, two, and three finger gestures, but regardless of how simple Microsoft has made the Microsoft Touch Mouse, most computer users have been using conventional mice for years and it’ll take some getting used to in order to use the new Microsoft Touch Mouse features – if they ever get implemented at all.


The Microsoft Touch Mouse is a nifty Windows 7 computer mouse, but to get the cool features of Microsoft’s latest in mouse innovation, you’ll be forced to shell out $80 for the Microsoft Touch Mouse. With wireless mice starting as low as even $10, an $80 asking price might be more than most consumers are willing to part with in order to have a touch-centric computer mouse.

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