The Great Blue Heron

by on September 29th, 2014
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On day in Naples, Florida,
My friends were in the course.
Dressed in golfing outfits,
And had their clubs, of course.

They were on the fairway,
And almost to the green.
When a Great Blue Heron,
Came upon the scene.

The Blue Heron circled,
And then he took a shot.
At the golfers below him,
And on their heads he shat.

The golfers were not happy,
And so their clubs they threw.
At the Great Blue Heron,
Who again circled, too.

The Great Blue Heron aimed,
And took another shot.
And by golly he did it again,
The golfers got a shat.

So if you are in Naples,
I can safely say.
Beware of the Blue Herons,
They always get their way.

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