Follow the Money Trail to the Truth; Cain Accuser Paid One Full Year’s Salary

by on March 7th, 2015
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The allegations against Republican hopeful Herman Cain ‘are baseless’, and a ‘witch hunt’ according to Cain. But are they? (NYT: Cain Accuser got a Year’s Salary)

First, it was not just one, but two women who separately accused Cain of sexual harassment. And second, they were asked to sign an agreement to NEVER speak of it in public. Por que, Herman? And third (the most damning evidence), one of the women was reportedly paid a full year’s salary, $35,000, to sign that agreement and quietly go away.

Why would any corporation make such a payment for baseless charges? The answer is, they wouldn’t. However, they would arbitrate a monetary settlement to protect one of their own executives from his own horn-dog actions; actions that were an embarrassment to the Restaurant Association, and actions that could be potentially embarrassing down the road for Cain.

Well, we’re down that road, and Mr. Cain, (who smiles like a creepy stalker in his new campaign ad above), is now being embarrassed…not by ‘baseless’ accusations from the past, but by paid-to-go-away accusations that were swept under a rug made of money. Someone has lifted that rug and found a mountain of dirt!

Cain can protest all he wants. Methinks he doth protest too much, and I always say follow the money trail. It leads to the truth. The women, whose identities are still not public want to be released from their old agreement so that they may publicly defend what Cain calls a witch hunt.

I have a feeling they will succeed, and the next song Cain breaks out into in public will be Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me”. The problem is, no one will believe his performance no matter that is has a good beat and we can dance to it.

Hope he remembers how to make a pizza. It’s going to be his next job. Let’s just call Cain the “Commander in Chef”. Dough!

(Originally posted to One Pissed Wet Cat on Open Salon – my personal blog page – Michele E. Gwynn)

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