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How can I get my husband breast to grow?

Q:My husband wants to make his breast grow so he can wear a bra.
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female hormones ,is he an Amazon ,that he has only one??
Touch or massage it always.. he sounds like he has some issues. A bra is probably the least of his problems.
buy him a training bra, once he wears that everyday, he will get tired of it. U r CRAZY!! Go to a Contsaler OMG Source(s):Comon Sence
look I'm beening mean but he has problems and issues hes a sicko. Just when I think the questions can't get any weirder.
oh my goodness get him a boob job.
Why would he want to wear a bra? pay for his sex change
Estrogen treatment may cause the growth of breasts, but will have limited effects depending on his age.Heavy testosterone treatment (believe it or not) can also cause breast growth -- this is because testosterone degrades into estrogen over time, and the buildup can result in breast growth. This, however, can have other negative side effects like shrinking of the testicles and changes in hair growth among other things.The most effective and probably safest bet, though, would probably be to get implants from a well-established plastic surgeon. He could take estrogen, which will suppress his testosterone, but why does he want to do that?
thats is weird, but there are pills for women that change your hormones to make your breast grow an extra cup size and it doesnt cost that much, but i dont know if it will work for guys, if not then tell him to get implants.(or stuff) lol Tissues have worked for young girls for many generations. Kleenex!
Fatten him up. Buy an Italian cookbook and fill him with wonderful food. WTF..

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