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How long does it take for hydrocodone to leave your system?

Q:I am on hydrocodone for a recent tonsillectomy. I have been cooped up for a good 10 days now and I am feeling a lot better - still a little sore in the throat and that is why I'm still taking the drugs. Anyway, I wanted to go out tonight and have a few drinks and I don't want anything in my system to be affected by alcohol. So i wanted to know how long it would take before the drug would be out of my system.
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Longer than a couple of days, I'd say at least 72 hours. I have taken hydrocodone (Vicodin) for severe pain on occasion. It really should be limited to severe pain, if you are feeling better switch to asprin or tylenol as soon as possible. Hydrocodone is addictive and will cause problems when taken with alochol.
I also take hydrocodone and if you wanted to drink tonight then you probably should not have taken any pills for 40+ hours prior to drinking. So if your still going out tonight maybe you could be the designated driver or have 1 drink or don't go out. DECISIONS-DECISIONS HHMMMMM good luck also if you go out you should try not toyell
My guess is 8-12 hours from the last dose. It's not harmful to take meds with alcohol (unless noted on the med bottle)--it can just make you more droswy than usual.
AlcoholIt is not recommended to mix any amount of hydrocodone with any amount of alcohol as doing so could cause health problems. However this does not stop people from mixing them due to the feeling of euphoria it provides.id leave it for a day or two..
It will be out of your system a couple of days after you stop taking it.It says don't drink with it, but one or two is ok, not fall down puke all over yourself drunk. look on the dosage -if it says 1 every 4-6 hrs then thats how long they lastI am taking hydrocodone(lortab 10)because i just got a tooth pulled.I have to work at 5p.m..my script says take every 4 hrs.It is 10:35 am.-by 5p.m. I won't feel any effects from it.
2 weeks or more.
8 hours for a couple of drinks is plenty BUT.it never leaves your body.it will biuld up in bones and was used for broken bones now its a common pain killer.by the way drinkings bad.it will pickle your brain.
That is too serious a question, it pertains to a highly addictive drug and drinking alcohol, you need to call your pharmacist or doctor and ask them, not a bunch of people on yahoo.. Everyone body is different. If you do drink, please don't drive. Stay safe

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