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why is chamomile tea keepng me awake?

Q:chamoile used to make me sleep great the last two times i drank it it kept me up
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youre system probably got use to it
J something is incorrect- chamoline tea does not contain caffeine. It might be other things besides the tea. I use chamoline to fall asleep and for period pains, and have read countless things about it making you tired. It could be everything else you are doing. Exercising too close to bedtime, caffeiene, internet , tv, anything that stimulated your brain that you might like (video games, movie, music). ALso, too many plugged in things in your room can keep you awake, too many lights, ect. There are just too many variables that i'd have to actually know you and go in your house and ask you a bucnh of questions to know the answer.And about falling asleep, the best surefire way is masturbation or sex :) You are thinking too much about it
All teas contain caffeine which can affect you differently at different times. The manufacturer may think it's a great beverage before bedtime, but that doesn't make it necessarily so.
Are you putting sugar in your tea? sugar is a stimulant, also are you drinking so much that you up to the bathroom all night?
Are you sure its the tea keeping you up? What did you eat? Is it pure chamomile or is it mixed with something else? Have you changed brands? If its worked for you in the past it should still work. Good luck.

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