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Do you have Eye floaters?are they getting worse?

Q:Do you have Eye floaters?are they getting worse?
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Floaters are common as one gets older. I first noticed them when I was about 26 years old.Sometimes they get bigger and may be precursor to catracts.
nope i do every 6 months or so and it lasts for like a week so i really dont worry too much about it but i guess if they do get worse you should go see an eye doc so they can see if you have something wrong on the inside of your eye
I have them, don't we all? If yours are getting worse, get an eye exam and tell the optometrist about the problem.
eww what is an eye floater?
Two in right eye, not going away like dr. said they probably would. Funny thing is I never had them until the morning after the examination with the strong beam of light he directed into it. I'm told people will get it from the strong sunlight at the beach.
I have a couple. Never noticed if they got worse or not.
I have always had them, I notice them more some days than others. They don't seem to be getting any worse with time. However a lady I work with mentioned a couple of weeks ago that her floaters recently got quite a bit worse and she needed immediate medical attention or she was in danger of going blind. Something to do with the corneas. She had to have laser surgery to correct it. If you find yours are getting worse see an eye doctor immediately.
The eye doctor always says thats natural, I think everyone gets them more now because of the computer screen naa they come and go
I do have floaters and some days they are worse than others. I have noticed if I am especially tired they get worse and sometimes annoying. I have spoken with my optometrist about this and he says it's perfectly normal.

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