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Does Cold-Eeze Really work?

Q:I bought Cold-Eeze suger free and unflavored dissolving tablets from the grocery store today, wondering if it really works, how many days it shortens your colds usually (if it does work), and how many is recommenened a day?
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theyre basically just zinc supplements, zinc's effectiveness is a gray area as to whether it works or not. studies are so back and forth on if it is effective or not and if it is how effective it actually is. probably not that effective since they cant get consistant results. people just take them, the cold clears up on its own and they say to themselves "wow that was fast, the zinc must have really helped"
They really worked for me and didn't work at all for a good friend. That seems to be the norm with most folks I've talked to about zinc for colds: 50-50. It really works well in some folks and not at all in others. So, give it a try and see which 50 you're in.

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