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If you can't swallow those big multivitamin pills (one pill daily), then how do you get your vitamin intake?

Q:Those Onesource Multivitamin pills are really hard for me to swallow. I can drink a whole bottle of a beverage and it still won't go down.
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You can buy a pill slicer or crusher at your pharmacy; it cuts them to a more manageable size. take a children's chewable. I did that while i was pregnant until my nausea went away, then I took my prenatal vitamins again.
Purchase liquid vitamins. I get mine a Walgreens. It's the Walgreens brand and has everything the higher priced vitamins (liquid or pills) have. A lot cheaper though. i guess that some can handle it and some cant
They have vitamin drinks. Like Ensure. Costco sells liquid vitamins
I like to eat lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains to get my vitamins now. But after I had my son a few years ago I started taking centrum chewables. They tasted like orange or something like it, but they were easier than swallowing those huge vitamin pills. (They weren't childrens viatamins either.) I haven't taken vitamins for a while now, so I don't know if they are still available. It's worth a look. They have chewable Multi vitamins.and eat a wide variety of foods.
Have you tried cutting it in half? Or buying smaller doses? try to crush the pill.and I think you could probably find chewable tablets.
Have you tried to cut the pill in half? Then take it as if it were two seperate pills. Or you could crush it and mix it with liquid. But that would taste horrible so i would try the first option. Get your vitamins from food or buy liquid or chewable vitamins.
Viactiv Chocolate Multivitamin chew plus calcium I compared the One-A-Day vitamins for adults to some children's chewables and found that they had almost the exact same amounts of each vitamin. I'd recommend finding some chewables or gummies that you like and taking a supplement for whatever is in the Onesource vitamin that isn't in the chewable.
maybe you should purchase a pill cutter they work great *smile* Try Vitamin Chews or Gum (I think it's called Vitaball or something like that). You can get your daily dose of vitamins through gum!
I am a medication technician in a nursing home.we crush pills and mix the powder in pudding or applesauce for the elderly who have difficulty swallowing.
try other smaller pills. like individual vitamins or something.or just eat foods that have those vitamins in them already. i'm sure you can find all that stuff online somewhere.
If you eat a balanced diet you actually don't need a multivitamin supplement. Those vitamins are really choking. You can split it into half. find something smaller with the same vitamin content or just cut the pill in half

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