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Home remedies, do you know any? From A-Z...?

Q:Any is good..Even if you know of things that make life easier. Any household recipes, anything. The more the better.. Thank you.
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if your looking for drugs like pot and stuff but legal go to herbal smoke shop.com but if your looking for actual stuff like home drugs try hommadedrugs.com if your looking for medication im on lexapro use to be on zoloft and remaron and lexapro is the best for anti depression. for doctors perscription.) go to vitadigest .com for stuff like fat burners, and i dont know of any home remedies besides music, hot bath, yard work, house cleaning, or asking a friend for massage, or resting with stress releaving candles. bye
ok if you ever have major lung conjestion and it gets stuck in your lungs and cough and cough and nothing happens? Well you should get hot mustard in a bottle (where the spices are at the store) mix a tablespoon in hot 2tablespoon of hot water, make a paste spread it on a wet paper towel put it on your back, over your lungs wait 15 min but no longer than 30 min and it'll break up all the phlem! Works great!
Go to this site,she is great for home remedies! and it's a free service.http://www.askagreenwitch.zoomshare.com/.
I once heard that drinking your own urine helps with gout, so it must be true.
ear wax works for canker sores
bananaskin on warts. i had a plantar wart on my foot and the only thing that got rid of it was putting banan skin, soft side down, on it. it healed in about a week.
Home remedies FOR WHAT ?????
This truly works! If you have a zit, boil, cyst or anything of this nature! Anything that is under the skin and you can't get it to come to a head! You take a piece of bacon yes, I said bacon and boil it to get all the salt out, let it cool and put it on the infected spot put a bandage over it and leave it there wile you sleep that night! What every in there should come to a head within 24 hour. I have seen it have to be repeated 1 more night! I was bitten by fire ants once as a child and two nights and it was gone! I had a friend and her son had a cyst on his bottom as a baby with in 24 hour it was ready to be popped!
I've never had one, but someone just told me that ear wax on cold sores is a homeremedy.

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