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Nutrilite Products (Amway) - Food Supplement?

Q:My sister is suffering from serios kidneys problem with >90% cells died. She has been installed a tube on her body for "internal body washing". I believe it is to replicate original function of her kidneys. After few months, her immue system seems to perform too good which results in high APO index. As a result, doctor has given her steroid. It seems that the only cure for her is kidney transplant.Recently, a friend has introduced to us Nutrilite products. We were told that this is actually food supplement which could help to build up body strength, to repair internal imbalance condition, etc.. Unlike medicine which could cure only symptoms, this kind of food supplement could help to resolve fundamental health problem. Any comment on the concept? Any comment on the said Nutrilite products?
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Food supplements really help build the immune system and get you back in better health.
i know about a product that helps inmune systems at 430% is a natural product, if you want to know go tohttps://andyabner.my4life.com/products/p.
Nutrilite is the world oldest and largest nutritional supplement company. It's products are plant concentrates rather than synthetically produced isolated vitamins. A badly damaged kidney is going to have problems with virtually anything your sister puts in, so I'd be cautious with any new supplements, or indeed changes in diet. However, if her body is to try to repair itself, it will need the proper nutrients for her cells to function correctly. Being food concentrates Nutrilite is ideal for that. I'd recommend trying Daily and also Omega-3 and if all goes well swapping from Nutrilite Daily to Double X (if available) She may also need Iron as people with damaged kidneys are often anemic. Vitamin C may also be useful. Good luck!
Yes, Nutrilite are world's best natural food supplements. No doubts about it. They are inventors of mutlivitamin suppliments, almost 70 years ago. And they recieved "Most Trusted Brand" award in a recent Reader's Digest Survey!But, before trying anything new, I encourage you to consult the doctor who is treating your sister - given that the doctor, naturally knows things better and can really suggest what's good and what's not. I suggest you borrow some brochures from your friend about the products being recommended and show them to the doctor.You can check more about nutrilite at http://www.nutrilite.com

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