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How can you tell if someone is a pedophile, what are some signs in a man?

Q:curious i guess?
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To much attention to children. Inappropriate attention. They like to 'identify' with kids to make them feel comfortable around them. Flattery, treating them like they are older, showing an inordinate amount of interest in their personal life. Most kids will show signs if an adult has behaved inappropriately with them to... look for changes in behavior (big changes) and watch how your child acts when they are around them.If they are a registered sex offender ( most have some sort of history) you can do a search online... here's a link to a site that has quite a few sex offender registry sites.... check them out.http://www.publicrecordresources.com/Sex_Offender_Registries/
if they touches the private bodyparts of a kid,....
He tends to put himself in positions which allow him easy access to children, ie. coaching, boy/girl scout leaders, etc. This doen not mean that everyone in those positions are pedophiles but those who are attempt to isolate the child from others. He may have sleep overs, try to get them alone on camping trips or go out of his way to provide transportation for the child. I would see these behaviors as "red flags".
Deep down they are all pedophiles weather they know it or not. I know it grosses me out to go to Subway and see the 30 year old sandwich maker checking me out. I wonder if they really know how old I am.
I work with a lot of kids from our area and they tell me that some old guys stare at their private areas and want them to sit on their laps. I think that their are inborn radars in most parents that clue them in on these guys.If in doubt,have the police check to see if they have a record on the person you suspect. Better safe, than sorry later.
Friendly, out going, nice to children. It is not usually some weirdo, but someone who loves to spend time with kids. But it can be someone weird, who watches from afar. It can be anyone. Scary isn't it?
All of these are good answers so I'm not going to repeat them. But, never leave a child alone with a man who you have the slightest inkling could be a pedophile. Don't wait until it is proven. Also, you can check his name out and see if he is a listed pedophile or sex offender. If Florida we can check that out on line. If you can't, call the police department (not the emergency number) and ask them. Vigilance is the only way to prevent these sick-o men from taking advantage of children. You can tell how they act around kids. If they deisre to hang around children, watch your child. If you are in their home, look around to see if there are lots of pictures of little children around. If a man offers to babysit your child, don't do it. Call the hospital they usually have courses young teenagers go through to be a certified babysitter or use a daycare center.
a grown man who puts himself in a position to B around children alot , volunteers to "sit", plays w/ them an unusual amount....all reasons to suspect.
if a 50 year old man still watches dawson creek and beverly hills 90210 rerunshe might be a pedophile.

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