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Does sperm clear your face from acne??

Q:my friend has a lot of acne and i told her that i heard that sperm clears your face from acne!. is this true??
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Suuuuure.It also makes a great hair gel, too.(rolling my eyes..)
hahaha thats sort of crazy. tell her i have a lot of it if she wants to try hahahahahaha jk. dunno im an ignorantusthis is just one of the first answers by saint Jimmy Wazza 4812 since i got my accounts cancelled
Sperm doesnt but sexual intercourse does and its even better when you actually have an orgasm. My doctors suggestion..it worked for me.
Oh cu m on!?? Are you serious! Yes, why don't you ask one of your male friends to beat off in a cup for you so you can use it as lotion. Not only will that cure acne, you will have plenty of time on your hands for washing your face!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Thanks for the laugh! Go get her some neutrogena!
HAHAHAHAHA yeah a little 2 ball compound should clear it right up! LOL GROSS!
Nope, this is an urban legend.. (Was a pretty popular legend at that about 15 years ago)
Sperm is mostly protein and has never been clinically tested for its medicinal effects on the skin but most women in social circles do think that if a man ejaculates on there face that the semen will clear up any acne she may have. Please remember that with any other acne treatment this must be repeated often in order to be effective. I volunteer to donate. ordinary12@lycos.com
Why dont you try it and find out?
Yes it do,s keep up the good work honey
Not by any stretch of the imagination.
You're not very mature are you?
Treatment without knowing the root of the problem is useless.First things first!Knowledge is power. You must educate yourself about AcneThere is a place I can recommend you to gohttp://www.green-rectangle.com/sub/acne/.there are a lot of information in there including causes, treatments and prevention strategies, skin care product, skin hygiene, shaving.etcHope this will help...Don't forget to thank me :)
You are a little mixed up. Of course, your question is probably just a pervertedway you get excited. Anyway, there is some truth to that. When a guy startsto have sex, it clears up his OWN complexion sometimes.
Don't know about that but I got a friend that swears it is an excellent anti wrinkle rejuvenater
Ha! That is what I told my girlfriend too. And now guess what I get every night.

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