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What's the best way to get rid of candida in a child?

Q:My 11 year-old has candida, but most of the herbal remedies are 12 plus. She's on a homeopathic remedy - candida albicans - and has cut right down on sugar/wheat/dairy but have you any other suggestions?
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Apple cider vinegar is a great remedy. Browse this site, it'll give you plenty of information. Why don't you see your doctor?. He can prescribe an antifungal safe in children.
I have candida, too much yeast in my system, and break out from time to time. I use acidophillis and the vaginal cream but I put the cream on my rashes, not inside me, and it clears them up fast. I first wash the rash well and pat it dry and then put the cream on. I would wonder why your daughter is getting it though, and have her checked out. If she has candida and insurance, she may be able to get a prescription for a pill to take regularly to avoid future outbreaks. I would ask her if anyyone has been messing with her, though, because I don't recall having any problems when I was still a virgin. Good Luck. I was a bit worried to hear this because it's not very normal for children to get these infections, whereas girls who are being sexually abused often have vaginal or urinary infections .. Don't want to scare you but it would be better to rule out the possibility that she's being abused. You might want to read up a bit on how to address the issue first, because it's not an easy subject and also kids are not likely to tell, even though parents assume that they would. Source(s):I am, and work with, survivors of child abuse
Smearing the affected parts with natural youghurt that has live cultures helped my daughter. She wasn't too keen at first but once it started working she just got on with it Eating live yoghurtUsing non perfumed bath stuff and never soapCotton underwear alwaysSome females are just lucky and get this all the time through no apparant reason.Diabetics particularly suffer from attacks of candidaTry to stop her scratching as this can inflame the area and make it worse
drinking yohgurt containing acidophilous etc. As you are already addressing your childs diet, and taking a homeopathic remedy, I would suggest giving the child acidophilus, preferably in tablet form as this is much higher in the live bacteria needed than in drinks. They can be found in health food stores, and are suitable for all ages.

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