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What is wrong with you if you miss your period for more than one month but you are not pregnant

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A:Missing a menstrual period is a lot more common than most people realize. This is often called amenorrhea, which is the ,MORE... [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-wrong-with-you-if-you-miss-your-period-for-more-than-one-month-but-you-are-not-pregnant ]
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What is wrong with you if you miss your period for more than one ...?
Missing a menstrual period is a lot more common than most people realize. This is often called amenorrhea, which is the ,MORE...

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What does this mean..pregnancy test questions? PLZ help.*there are more than one* P.S kinda long?
Q: oki so yesterday i went out and bought a first response pregnancy test. read the instructions and it gave me two ways to take the test the in stream method or the cup method. ( Q #1) so i did the in cup method hoping it would give me a more accurate result encase i didn't have enough pee to hit the stick or i missed my stream? could this have an affect on the out come of my pregnancy test? I also took the test around 3 in the afternoon could using the test so late in the afternoon caused my test to be wrong.. they say drinking lots of liquids can dilute your results. Is it better to take it in the morning with the 1st pee?? it told me anytime of the day was better?(Q#2) i have herd that there are more false positives than there are a false negative? i am having more and more symptoms like sore and puckered nipples back ache so far nothing more a little sick to my stomach hot flashes and REALLY sleepy /moody nothing more than usual PMS symptoms..i dnt get those symptoms usually but hey i no a woman's body switches things around from time to time.. another weird thing i have had happen was last month my period came two weeks early and was vary light mostly brown with a little blood and only lasted 4 days.. normal flow usually and only a migraine and lasts 7 days?? Could the test have been wrong.. that was all almost a month ago and a couple of weeks b4 i had unprotected sex. My line of symptoms has been all messed up becuz i am waiting for my next period to take my second test to see if my period will come and my last one was a weird fluke.(Q#3) on the box.. *i read everything* and this is coming right off the box ( Important note regarding positive results : because this tests detects vary low levels of hCG there is a small chance that test will give you positive results even if you are not pregnant. Chances of this are greater for women age 40 and older) would this make this test a bad choice in a pregnancy test or give me a false answer positive or negative what does this mean?? (Q#4) i got a negative. should i wait and see if i miss this period and then take the test or with my symptoms go ahead and take the test in the morning?? i would like some good answers to my questions. No venting no rude comments i dnt want to be pregnant right now and i want to wait untill my next period? i no you can have a period and still be pregnant and i also no that you can make you body exprence what your thinking is wrong with you. I self. i do eventually want kids and im asking becuz i want to no some other stories of women who have used this specific test and what happened with it if it is a good test.. or if there is something better?
A: You're supposed to either get the test that is 7 days before your missed period or wait until you've missed your period....Try First Response (the one that is 7 days before your missed period.)When I tested it was the day my period should have been here and I used a dollar test from the Dollar Tree and it was positive..I of course took more...I took a First Response also...BUT, I had spotted on the 15th and my period was due the 20th so I was pretty sure anyhow...I now have an 8 month old daughter..
Am I pregnant? Has anyone had similar experiences?
Q: Is it possible that I'm pregnant? Details.I've had most of the symptoms:*Headaches (mild, but more often then I usually get them)*Extremely tired (all I ever want to do is sleep!)*Sensitive gums ( I read this has something to do with the hormones in your body. My gums never bleed, but lately when I brush I get the taste of blood in my mouth afterwards)*Nausea (Seems to be getting worse. Last two days it's been a pain to eat because it won't go away)*Frequent Urination (I have to atleast every hour.. if not more often)*Enlarged breasts (Gone from a C to D)*Darkened aerolas*Sensitive nipples*Enlarged aerolas* Sensitive breasts (only sensitive when touched though)*Constipation*Heartburn*Food aversions (foods I love I can't even look at without feeling nauseous.*Emotional (I go from happy to sad to mad back to happy. Movies that never made me cry make me cry all the time now. )*Shortness of breath (I'm having to use my inhaler alot more.)*Bloating*Cramping (Around the time my period was due, I had some slight cramping, but it never came.)*Implantation bleeding (Atleast what I think was implantation bleeding. Just the slightest amount of brownish blood)*Veins in boobs "popping out" (This actually only happened one day, but definitely caught my attention. They were especially darker near the nipples)*Discharge (I've had a clear, unscented "rubbery" discharge)*Food cravings (I cried when I didn't have enough money to buy the cheesecake I so desperately wanted)Now, I did miss my period.. technically. I was a week late when I started bleeding. It's gone between light bleeding, to period like bleeding, to no bleeding, back to light bleeding. The weird thing is I've had no cramps whatsoever, which is highly unusual for me.I took three Dollar Tree brand tests. One on a Friday night, which came out negative. The next morning with the first morning urine, I took the other two. Both came back positive. Monday I had an appointment at the gynos. They did a urine test there too, but it came out negative. Now, to get the positives on my other tests, I had to use first morning urine. The one at the gynos I had already gone like three times that day. I had also went right before I left home, not thinking, so I was only able to squeeze out three or four drops. The nurse also came in right behind me, so they obviously didnt watch the test for long.While I was there, they also checked my uterus. They said it wasn't enlarged.Now my thing is, I would only be like 5 weeks pregnant, so would my uterus be enlarged by now? What's the chance the doctor's urine test is wrong? Should I request a blood test?Has anyone had similar experiences?(I've posted a question like this before.. I'm just holding on to that last thread of hope. You see, my bf of two years and I were TTC. We broke up a month ago, but we're trying to stay friends. Anyways, he has low sperm count, and wants nothing more than a kid, so I was hoping I could do that for him, and if I am pregnant.. I wouldn't be able to stop thanking the Lord.)Please, pray for me and send some baby dust my way!It seems some people didn't get part of the question. I did take two pregnancy tests, and I have already gone to the doctors. The ones I took at home came out positive. The one I took at the doctor's came out negative. I'm considering going back and getting a blood test.&& I do want to be pregnant. I'm not with the daddy anymore, but we're still good friends. && he still means alot to me. I wouldn't be upset if I am pregnant... I'm actually hoping I am.
A: Your uterus would not be past your pelvic bone at 5 weeks.Wait 5 days and test again or ask your DR for a blood QUANT test. This reads if you have ANY HcG in your system or ask for an ultrasound.
here is what is going on with my body am i pregnant?
Q: Here is the story:on November 2nd or 3rd my ex and I slept together(we are working things out and getting back together).Then everything was okay until a week and a half ago or two weeks ago when I started to crave carbs non stop.Do not get me wrong I eat healthy but everything in moderation but when that time came when I saw carbs such as bagels I would buy 2 and eat both of them,I loved eggs for breakfast,oatmeal and a buttermilk biscuit.I had a huge breakfast due in part to waking up at 6:50am,working out 4-5 times a week for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon/evening.I knew that it was not normal because I have never craved as many carbs as then but thought that stress in college has caused me to eat a lot.I am 25,119 lbs,5'5",athletic, a health freak if you ask my friends but recently for the past week or so when I would get lunch or dinner and I would get meat I would not touch it but rather leave it in the plate.I thought that maybe I ate too much meat during the semester,last week I went to visit my parents during the week end and forced myself to eat meet even though I craved potatoes my mom made.Well anyways last week(Friday) my ex and I slept again together and I forgot to take my birth control but have never missed one pill ever!Anyways so then I started to throw up recently for the past 4 days especially in the morning and then through out the day at various times.Now if I smell meat or ceratin scents then I feel like I am about to throw up, and on Tuesday when at Friend's I peeled an orange and just had time to throw away the peel before throwing up.My stomach is hurting really bad,I am tired,my breasts started to be a bit tender,I missed my period by now 7 days,have gone to the health center and doctors on campus yet they prescribed me some meds for my stomach to relax it even though I told them my symptoms.In the past I have had pregnancy scares before with my now ex(when we were together) and even had my time of the month delayed for 3 and 1/2 weeks.I know something is wrong with my body and my ex knows that I am throwing up and not feeling well but I do not want to put more stress on him than he already has:grad school and work.I need some advice on what is going on and if there is a chance that I might be pregnant.My stomach hurts as though you have your period times 10 times as bad or as though someone is punching you a bit and my ex does not think that I am pregnant even though I am telling him that I know that this is way different that before.Could I be wrong?I had to force myself to eat meat yesterday for dinner because I thought it would do me good but ended up throwing it up.I see meat and I do not eat it but give me a cookie or a roll and I will choose that over meat and no I am not vegetarian or trying to become one.When I went to visit my parents home I had a normal breakfast but then during the day craved some pretzels dipped in BBQ sauce and some in honey mustard sauce,things I would never do or eat!That is so unlike me!I left out the info about me being epileptic and how my meds decrease the effect of the birth control pill.I also was diagnosed with acid reflux but this is way worse than what I have!With the acid reflux I limit my coffee and caffeine intake,not eating acidic foods and fruits,etc....I know the difference between acid reflux and something else.Throwing up especially food that you eat earlier does not mean that you lack something when I get protein from eggs,tofu,beans,etc.
A: i am afraid you might be...

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