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What is the cause of a very light menstrual flow

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A:Primary amenorrhea affects less than 1 percent of adolescent girls in the United States and will cause light menstrual flows. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-cause-of-a-very-light-menstrual-flow ]
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What Can Cause a Lighter Menstrual Cycle?
・ About two years before menopause takes place, you will go through a stage called menopausal transition... ・ The progestin-based mini-pill is an oral contraceptive that mostly contains the hormone progestin. The... ・ Birth control pills su...
What can cause a light flow menstruation but dark colored blood??
Dark, brown menstruation may be a sign that it is 'old' blood. Sometimes blood stays in the uterus for a few days before your period 'starts'...it could be because it is a light flow or that the cervical opening is very narrow making it dif...
What are the causes of a long menstrual period with light flow an...?
Brown blood generally means its old blood, perhaps from an old period such as the one before this. Its usually nothing to worry about. Periods can be irregular at times, its pretty natural. But if your really worried and the problem persist...

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Brown, Light discharge, my menstrual or no!?
Q: I'm a little concerned about my period, I never have an exact day of what I will start my peiod, but I normally count about 32 days from the first day of my period. Sometimes its 28 days, sometimes up to 40. I am sexually active, but my boyfriend and I ALWAYS use a condom and he pulls out multiple times to make sure it hasn't broke. We have not had sex but only a few times the past month. I was supposed to start my period Sometime around this past Friday, but 2 days before that, I started to get a very light flow of brown spotting with mucus. From what I've read, I'm assuming this is old blood? And am I also to assume that my period will follow shortly after this brown spotting? I am technically not late for my period yet, as I never have an exact day I start.I did start taking breast enhancement supplements about 3 weeks ago, I have been told this could be a cause of this light brown discharge and effecting my hormones, I was also fired from my job 2 weeks ago, and I've been stressed with being tight on money.But I do not have sore breasts, no back pain, I don't not feel sick. I have also been eating quite a bit of fast food lately, and I have been told diet can also affect a menstrual cycle. Getting pregnant is my ultimate fear, although I'm 22, I'm in college and absolutely do not have the time or money for a kid. It seems impossible that I could be, and I have not had sexual intercourse for at least 2 weeks or longer.Is it safe to rule out pregnancy, and am I probably just worrying too much?
A: While you're most likely not pregnant, of course the only way to be safe and know for sure is to take a test for it. Might be good for your peace of mind.Questions about menstruation is so difficult to answer because every woman's body is so different. And each woman's body is going to go through so many different things that can affect your period. Brown discharge is completely normal prior to getting your period. It's extremely common. A lot of times sexually active women will get a little more irregularity within their monthly cycle, and higher levels of stress will disrupt it slightly. If you're taking breast enhancers, which just for a head's up, they're safe because they're mostly herbs, but they don't work. They're just going to cause water weight gain and bloating seeming as though your breasts appear larger. They also may make them sore. But, that's besides the point. They most likely won't disrupt your period.There's so many things that can influence your period. I really wouldn't worry about what's happening. If you start getting severe cramps, or different extremes with your flow, there are chances you could be dealing with ovarian cysts. Good luck, and if there's any worry, like I said... take a pregnancy test just to make sure you're safe :)Good luck hun!
What can cause a 7 day early light period other than implantation?
Q: started "period" 7 days early first day (right before bed) pink when I wiped, 2nd day filled 1-2 light day tampons w/ mostly pink and dark brown, third day very little spotting, fourth day nothing, 5th day pass long strand of mucous stained brown (old blood color) and then it ended-low basal body temperature during implantation?/period? and has continued to stay low for the days following 96.9- 97.6-peeing a lot-constipated-pms started TWO weeks early sore breasts (more sore then ever) fatigue, head ache-all symptoms went away with "flow" and had VERY MILD cramping first day-last few days lower back and abdomen have been very sore I wanna say crampy but not quite-no burning when peeing or blood (except blood during "flow")-always have regular menstrual cycles and never this light (did have unprotected sex but used pull out)-all pregnancy tests are negative and basal body temperature is not raising (Have to wait 2 wks for blood test)-took ept and had kinda dark + 30min after
A: This just happened to me. I am guessing you are going through a VERY early miscarriage. The egg probably had problems attaching to the uterus. I don't think you are pregnant. Implantation bleeding is so light that you would not have to use a tampon. Normally it only shows up on toilet paper. Don't worry. Give yourself another week and it will work itself out. I promise. This literally just happened to me.
Abnormal Period - Brown and Light - What is Causing This?
Q: About 6 weeks ago, I had unprotected sex. I'm on birth control, but since I took a few pills late, I decided to take Plan B. I continued taking my birth control pills regularly after Plan B. I was in the middle of my menstrual cycle, and when I started the white pills, I had my period. It was very heavy but normal in color. Now, it's time for my period again. Yesterday, I found a discharge in my underwear, but I'm not sure if it's my period. It's brown and very light. I've never had a period that was brown before, and I've never skipped one, either. I'm having all of the symptoms that I have during my period. Could I be pregnant despite having a normal period during my last cycle? How long does the side effects of Plan B last for, and is this one of them? Is a brown and light flow normal for a period? I do change regularly, so I don't think it's old blood. It comes out that color.
A: As long as you had a period after taking the Plan B and have not had unprotected sex since then, you should be fine. It's perfectly normal to have different types of cycles, especially as you get older or your body goes through changes. I'm not sure if you are a teen or older. The brown blood is old blood. Check out this site:http://www.pamf.org/teen/health/femalehealth/discharge.htmlIf you are unsure, I would take a pregnancy test to ease your mind. However, I really think it is normal.

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