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What does it mean if there is pressure in the lower part of your abdomen

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A:Abdominal pain is usually a symptom of gastrointestinal problems. Because abdominal pain is often a symptom of serious MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-there-is-pressure-in-the-lower-part-of-your-abdomen ]
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What does it mean if there is pressure in the lower part of your ...?
Abdominal pain is usually a symptom of gastrointestinal problems. Because abdominal pain is often a symptom of serious MORE?

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am i or am i about to go into labor? just asked but im extending it please help thank you :)?
Q: Confused, please answer?so today i got up and moving around when i got this really bad cramp like feeling on my left side in the middle. it went away after 15 minutes or so. then all day today i have been having lots of braxton hicks, and i mean a lot, sometime like 4 in 10-12 minutes. not really pain full, but lots of pressure in my back vagina and lower abdomen. i was sitting on the couch and i got another braxton hick when the pain just kept coming and stomach got really really tight. it actually brought tears to my eyes, lasted for about 30-45 seconds. haven't had another one like that but the braxton hicks still keep coming. i thought at first baby was dropping farther in the birthing canal because it was getting really hard for me to walk any distance for part of the day. there was pain and pressure with every step i took. im sitting here now and ive had 2 braxton hicks already. anyone been through this and is it early labor maybe? i was 2cm dilated and baby was at station -1 on monday. thanks for your answers :)1 hour ago - 4 days left to answer. Additional Detailsnow im getting like 3 mild braxton hicks and one stronger one(not real painful though, lots of pressure and sometimes it hurts my leg)like every minute or so. what about heartburn, having lots right now, and feeling pretty nauseated. the contractions usually make my whole stomach hard but like every 3rd or 4th it is just the top. what does that mean?1 hour agookay yeah i get lots of pressure in my butt with them but i didnt want to say anything (tmi maybe?) baby was moving like crazy right before all of this started happening, now he is hardly moving if at all. most of the contractins i can walk though only 2 of them have stopped me in my tracks. the pain has moved from my stomach to my back. sending this tingling pain across the middle to lower part of it. everytime i exhale it feels like little needles are stabbing me. my doc perscribed ambien for sleeping and now my stomach is getting tight and back pain but i cant really feel anything, my head is kinda in a fog at the moment.
A: Are You Serious?!...well I am using my common sense when I say...CALL YOUR DOCTOR!!! How are we supposed to know whether you are in labor or are having braxton hicks?! It is best to get checked out then to wait and be in labor and not have enough time to get to the hospital!!!...the worst they could do is send you home.ADD: When you posted over an hour ago, every single answerer told you to call your doctor or get to the hospital...why are you still on here asking stupid @ss questions?!...are you really that clueless or do you not care about that baby in your belly?!...ugh!
Weird question...what's the deal here?!?
Q: Okay so i am still up in the air if i am pregnant. I know i should go to the doctor but i dont want to make a big deal out of it if its nothing. I have had symptoms for about 3 1/2 weeks now. Backaches, headaches, bloating, blue veins showing up on my boobs and nipples, dizzy spells, pressure on my lower abdomen, mood swings. I got what i thought was my period about 2 days early but it was very light (i used one tampon all day and it didnt fill it up) and it was brown like left over blood. it lasted about 3 1/2 days and usually my period is like 6 days long and i use maybe 3-4 tampons a day. Didnt know if implantation bleeding can be like that or not, but i asked that question before and got sort of mean comments saying it wasnt and its all in my head. Regardless, its now been a week and 2 days since that "period" and i am still feeling these symptoms exept now i have acne showing up on my face and in my cleavage, i am having lower abdominal pressure(feels like a period) but that comes and goes throughout the day...i also feel like my boobs grew a whole cup size and they are also sore on and off throughout the day. I have taken 3 HPT's and all 3 were negative...but the last one i took was about a week ago (so it would only be probably 3 weeks maybe 4 weeks since unprotected sex)My weird question is about my boobs and the changing color of the nipples...okay i am going to try to explain this because i dont know the medical terms for them. There is the nipple and then the part of the nipple that gets hard...the part that gets hard looks really dark red while the rest of my nipple around it looks light pink or light brown, and it looks like my nipples are bigger. Has this happened to anyone?How long did it take you to get your BFP? I am just confused...I feel "different" and thats why i am still thinking i might be...any personal stories would be great or someone who had the same problems/symptoms....Thanks! 10 pts best answerThe reason i am wondering so much is because i have NEVER experienced sore breasts not even before or during a period and i have never had cramping or pressure outside of the normal ovulation and period times....I have also gotten heartburn in the last week and a half and i have never had heartburn in my life!
A: well hun, in my most honest sincere opinion I don't think your pregnant. You have been having symptoms for 3 plus weeks and you had the bleeding a week ago. If what you had was implantation bleeding you wouldn't have had those symptoms before that because implantation bleeding is when the embryo burrows him/herself into the uterine wall. I don't think its all in your head tho hun! If your TTC you look for every possible symptom! In my exp I looked for all these symptoms and everything abnormal i said ohh this must be it! but it wasn't. When i finally did get a bfp i thought 4 sure my period was on its way. Its weird how simmilar pms and pregnancy symptoms are. But don't listen to people when they say its in ur heard. When ur ttc ur thinking with your heart! GOOD LUCK HUN! TONS OF BABY DUST!!!

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