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What does abdominal pain mean while pregnancy? MORE

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A:...a serious problem. (Severe or persistent abdominal pain should never be ignored.) If you experience abdominal pain or .... [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-abdominal-pain-mean-while-pregnancy%3F-more ]
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What does it mean when you have abdominal pain during pregnancy??
If you are at the beginning of your pregnancy it is just your body stretching itself in preparation to home a soon-to-be-child. However, if you are farther than your first few months check with your doctor. You could be having an eptopic pr...
What could small sharp pains in your abdomen during pregnancy mea...?
Upper abdominal pain, usually under your ribs on the right side can be a sign of Preeclampsia during pregnancy. You should always consult your doctor when you feel unusual pain during pregnancy. Other symptoms: Nausea or vomiting & Dizz...
Is stomach ache with cramping on the day before period mean pregn...?
i don't think so because if your pregnant, you don't get your period

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Possibly misdiagnosed with ectopic pregnancy, what now? Medical nightmare.?
Q: LONG story, please do not comment about how it was too long, I warned you in the beginning. My husband and I planned this pregnancy, I knew everything about my cycle, I knew I ovulated on the 10th of Feb, and I tested positive on a First Response test on the 19th of Feb. In total I took 5 pregnancy tests all positives and even went and had my pregnancy confirmed on the 23rd.Well, around the 22nd, I started having some abdominal pain and craming and midback pain, I'd had the pain before when I had a UTI so didn't think anything of it. But on the 24th while at work I was unable to stand up straight from the pain. I was rushed to the ER where I told them I was only 4 weeks pregnant (aka 2 weeks from conception) and I told them about my medical history of PCOS and UTI's. Well after 2 ultrasounds the ultrasound tech told me that you can't see anything usually until after 3 weeks post conception, which I understood. Anyways, fast forward 6 hours later.A nurse comes in my room and tells me she's going to give me morphine for the pain, at this I immediately say "No, I'm sure that isn't good for the baby." And at that she looked up at me and then to my husband and said, "So no one has been in to talk to you yet then?" And she excused herself only to come back and give me the injection telling me it would be alright for my "pregnancy"... after 20 minutes of morphine my dr who I had only seen once before came in the room and told me it was an ectopic pregnancy and they had to give me two injections to get rid of it. I broke down. I knew this was my baby, it was our first try and I had all the cards stacked against me with PCOS and thyroid disease. So... I accepted it and they gave me the two injections and told me that they would watch me for 30 min to see how I reacted. I didn't know what that meant but I trusted them.Last Friday I went to my own OB/GYN and had my hcg levels retested and an ultrasound. My hcg levels had doubled since they were tested in the ER on Wednesday, and on the ultrasound they still saw nothing. Another thing, all my pain had gone away, except for emotional pain of course.Well, Saturday I got really sick, I honestly thought I was dying. Worst cough of my life, I pulled muscles in my abdomen from it, high fever, unable to breathe easily, so I started researching the injections they gave me, Methotrexate. I was so surprised they NEVER explained what it was, what it did, that it was used in chemo, that it could lower my blood count which it did, I was shocked they had let that slip. Monday I went back to the Dr again for more HCG tests, at that appointment I was told my levels had doubled again and are now almost at 1000, only being 2.5 weeks pregnant, which was right on track for a regular pregnancy. My dr told me she hadn't seen many ectopic pregnancies get out of the 400hcg range, nor had she seen any women's levels continue to double after the MTX injections. She also continued to tell me, she had looked over my chart from the night at the ER and she had not seen anything besides abdominal pain to support their diagnosis. At this, I asked her if it were possible they were wrong and she said, it is very possible.I got my medical records within the hour after that conversation from the ER I had gone to, and went over my file myself. I looked at my own sonos and saw nothing but cysts on my ovaries which were NORMAL for me, i had told them about the PCOS already, and I thought "there is NO way they could of done that.." also noted was there was a fairly large amount of fluid in my abdomen. I've had cysts rupture before that were the size of oranges, and that was what my own OB told me she believed happened that day. So now, I'm wondering what to do? I find out tomorrow for sure if it is an intrauterine pregnancy, and if it is we now have to live with the fact that due to the Methrotrexate they gave me, my baby will likely be born with severe birth defects or mental disabilities. I'm flat out angry about this whole situation, I trusted the ER doctors to tell me the truth, to tell me they weren't sure what it was rather than inject me with poison. To top it all off, they measured one of my cysts and referred to it as the ectopic pregnancy (even though they stated there was no sac or embryo present) in their report and dated my pregnancy at 5 weeks and 1 day. They never would have made this mistake if they had listened to me when I told them when my LMP was and had listened to me when I told them I ovulated on the 10th, so there was no medical way for me to be 5weeks 1 day prego.I don't know what to do now, this has been the longest emotional rollercoaster of my life, and I'm tired, but I'm angry too. What would you do if this happened to you? I'm terrified, and simply trying to hold on at this point. I just really need some advice, if this has happend to anyone you know, were their children born normal? I can't terminate this pregnancy if it h*I can't terminate this pregnancy if it has made it this far, it would be our miracle baby. But I want someone to pay for their mistakes, just don't know what to do.Methotrexate is a Class X drug that binds with folic acid to prevent cells from growing is what I learned through my own research, they never told me this. One story of a woman who had this same situation occur, her son died after 2.5 hours of living. I can't take prenatal vitamins for a while until the drug gets out of my system, or it will severely damage my liver. I can't believe they based their decision on an assumption. A "gray area".
A: Your story is unbelievable...well, to a point. I think this is why I have formed such a distrust of most medical facilities. Anyway, that's not a point I will go into. I agree with everyone else, I would talk to a lawyer about this. You trusted them and they really messed up. I truly hope to God that your baby is fine and will come out 100% healthy regardless of what they did to you. I can't imagine going through that. You are a very strong woman to handle as much as you have! But do speak to a lawyer. No matter the outcome, rather it is ectopic or not, or rather your baby is born with defects or not, I believe you have a strong case. Not only have they put you and your child in danger, and not only have they put you and your husband through deep emotional distress, but it is flat out medical malpractice to give somebody a drug without telling them or providing information on the risks and side-effects of that drug. My prayers will be with you and your little one. And if you are pregnant please consider giving birth in a different hospital.
Chances of getting herpes?
Q: Monday night / Tuesday morning, I had unprotected sex that lasted I guess like 10-20 minutes. The man I was with did not have any visible herpes, and he claims to be free of any and all STDs. I know his ex-girlfriend, and she honestly told me that she had contracted chlamydia from him a couple years ago, but that he didn't have anything else she knew about (this was back in December when she told me) and he got that treated a long time ago for the chlamydia. I asked this guy several times after unprotected sex, if he was STD-free and he told me I was worrying too much and that he didn't have any infections or diseases. He has a child, who had no complications and doesn't have herpes. He also doesn't get cold-sores and fever blisters, but that's the other kind of herpes anyway. I'm talking about genital herpes. So, it's been about two or three days since the unprotected sex. Hours after intercourse, I felt itchy and a burning sensation. Typically, I get that feeling after a new sex partner, and latex (we did have a condom on for part of the time) also can be a little irritating to me. I don't know if it's the mix of sperm, latex, and new bacteria that is bothering me, or if it could potentially be a herpes symptom. I have no reason to believe it is herpes, other than that herpes is common, and I am afraid of it. It could be something else, it could be nothing. Thursday morning, I spotted blood, and now I think I may be on my period because it got a little heavier and darker, although this bleeding could go away. I know this is sometimes associated with pregnancy, because this happened to me before with pregnancy. Basically my question is, what is the likelihood I have contracted herpes? I have no lesions and no blisters, no ooze, no puss, etc, but it's only been like two or three days, technically. I do feel a little bit of a burning and itching, but it's not to the point where I have to scratch it or where it bothers me much, other than psychologically. It could possibly be all in my head. Or, it could be that I need to shave my vaginal area again, because I normally do, and it can get itchy when the hair starts to grow back. Or it could be another STD (or STI as you kids call them these days). I'm not too super-concerned about the infections and diseases I can get rid of with medication, and I get tested for HIV/AIDS often enough. It's just herpes HERPES that bothers me and scares me, which is part of why I'm so terrified I might have it.It was one time mostly unprotected sex, about 20 minutes, with a bit of rubbing before-hand, with a man, who had no blisters or sores, and claims to be disease/infection free, who plans on spending more time with me in the coming months, who I JUST got off the phone with while I was writing this, and I asked him AGAIN and he said he didn't have anything, but I still don't know if I should worry. What are the possibilities of me contracting herpes in this situation? Oh, and I can't get tested for herpes because I don't have any leisons or blisters and it's only been a couple days, right? I scheduled an appointment for the gyno on Monday, but now I think and hope that I will still be on my period on Monday, because that would mean I have a normal period. OH! One last thing, I had like this stabbing, mild-moderate abdominal pain that I thought may be STD/I related, but now that I'm *hopefully* on my period, it is possible that that was just cramps. I get that kind of abdominal pain a lot anyway, I don't know why. But at any rate. Percentage-wise or otherwise, what are my risks and chances?Hey Lindsey, thanks for responding. Yes, I am well aware that you can get herpes from someone who only has oral herpes. I know. No, he didn't have an outbreak and he maintains that he has no herpes, but I guess I have to wait and see, which is dissapointing. No more sex for me until then.LOL @ Marcus' Girl. Thanks buddy. I know, I am the Stress Master. I can still see the Gyno on my period? I will keep the appointment either way. Time for a checkup. Even if you can't detect herpes this early, I'm sure she'll give me some peace of mind. Time for some Pinot Grigio per your request, lol.
A: Guess what hun, oral herpes can be passed to the genitals during oral sex. I contracted herpes this way so that can happen. But if he doesn't have cold sores then he can't pass them on. You could have been allergic to the latex, or it could be a bacterial infection or just getting used to a new partner. It's too early to tell for sure weather you have contracted herpes or not, but itching, burning and or tingling around the genitals can be symptoms of it but that could also be a coincidence or symptoms of other things. You only have a small risk if your partner didn't have an out break when you had sex, but you should know herpes can still be passed on even if condoms are used. Condoms don't cover every thing down there and herpes can affect all areas of the genitals, not just where the condom covers. Also not every one with herpes knows that they have it, some one with herpes can have very mild out breaks to the point where an out break can feel like some thing else.Unfortunately all you can do now is wait and see if you get an out break. They typically occur with in 4-30 days after having sex with an infected person. If you don't get an out break then you have to wait for at lease 1-3 months to have a blood test done, this is to allow time for antibodies to build up in your blood.Even if you do happen to have it it's not the big bad std that most people make it out to be, it has a horrible negative stigma around it. Just ignore the people who use the stigma. The virus is permanent but the out breaks are temporary and easily managed with antiviral treatment. You can have a relatively normal life, get married and have kids if you want to.
Doctor swept membranes at 39 weeks and wondering ?
Q: Well, to start off he DIDN'T tell me what he was going to do he just said he was going to feel how dilated I was (he said I was 2 to 3 cm.) THEN he said I might feel a lot of pressure....and boy, I was surprised. I bled some fresh red blood and since then I've been having some occasional clear snot-like discharge with older blood in it. Anyway, he said he stripped the membranes and if I started having contractions, more than one every ten minutes to come back to the hospital. I haven't had many contractions if any at all. I'm not 100% sure what a contraction should even feel like (considering this is my first pregnancy and all). I get the baby/ stomach making a tight, hard ball periodically but it's not painful. So does that count as a contraction? I get sharp pains in my lower abdominal section but I'm assuming those are just round ligament pains... Every once in a while, after walking or standing for a long time I get shooting pains down my back and into my legs. Basically, I'm not experiencing any regular pains or major discomforts. So, does that mean I'm not having contractions? Any advice, or words or wisdom? (Btw, I'm 39 weeks and four days and I'm having a girl, she weighs 7lbs. 12 oz.) ^__^My water hasn't broken or anything...
A: You may be. If you continue to have these aches and they do become regular, lets say every 5-7 minutes,or they become uncomfortable, I would call your physician. But at this point, without being monitored, I couldn't say for certain... Just because your physician has stripped your membranes, doesn'tt mean that you will begin to labor today or tomorrow.... Be patient. The tight feeling in your belly could be contractions or braxton-hicks, My only advice would be to wait it out.--- I am and have been an obstetrics physician for over 15 years.---

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