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What do you feel like before your appendix burst

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A:Symptoms of ruptured appendix include sudden relief from abdominal discomfort, followed by abdominal distention, & abdominal pain. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-feel-like-before-your-appendix-burst ]
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What do you feel like before your appendix burst
Symptoms of ruptured appendix include sudden relief from abdominal discomfort, followed by abdominal distention, & abdominal pain.

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does anyone have an appendix story?
Q: you dont have to read mine but if youre bored, go ahead and read. ok it was a wednesday feb 11th. it was 6am and i had to get up for morning practice for vball. i had a sharp pain in my stomach. i thought it was from lying on my stomach and barley eating before the night. i was sweating and felt like puking but wasnt sure. then i puked and ran the the bathroom. i stayed home. i couldnt....well....poop because it hurt like really bad lol. then on thursday i finally told my mom my side hurt like a constant cramp. my mom took me into the ER on friday feb 13th (of course fri the 13th) my appendix burst. wow what a week..,.your stories anyone?
A: I had mine out on Easter (was up in serious pain all night then finally went to the hospital after maybe one hour of sleep). Got me out of the family thing I didn't want to go to. ;p
Health Insurance in the UK?
Q: I understand that you have universal health coverage, but that people can opt for private care if they want/have the money. Am I right about this? Also, what do you think of this system? What was it like before? Do taxpayers feel as though they are carrying the burden for this health system? I'm from the U.S. My mom's good friend's daughter (I know) lives in London, and her husband went to a hospital with a bad stomach ache and feeling cold and shaking. Apparently she couldn't get him a blanket or much care until she switched to private. She then got a blanket and other things, including a doctor who diagnosed the man with a burst (or nearly so) appendix. They fixed that, but the woman thought her husband may have died in the "public" care. Does this story sound rare or typical? Or even accurate? The story is quite a bit old. Finally, I asked this question already, but at 2:20 am your time. Thought I'd ask again now, but I am going to work, so won't see any answers for a bit.Haven't left yet. I don't doubt the story a bit, but I would never imply if I knew it was typical or not, which is why I asked. I could ask my mom's friend, instead of hearing it from my mom, but I haven't spoken to her in a while. It would be ackward to call her just to ask that. Thank you for the answers so far.Mrs. Bewick-who would make up that 30%? I thought everyone was entitled to the care.
A: Our social medicine programme is stretched to it's limits because treatment is not restricted to those who are eligible. I would hazard a guess that around 30% of the people using the hospitals in our main cities are not entitled to be there but the doctors will treat them anyway.The standard of care pre/pos surgery is poor because there are not enough nursing staff, the food is inedible and I would never consider major surgery at one of these hospitals. However, my father had bowel cancer and private health care. His private oncologist suggested transferring him to the National Health for his chemotherapy because there is no limit to the funding, where as the privatehealth caree has aceilingg for such treatment. He did this and was given the sametreatmentt, just as quickly but in a shabby room with shared bathroom facilities rather than a private room/bath. You will hear some horror stories but the World Health Organisation rates the UK health care as No 18, the US comes in at No 37, so they must be doing something right.
questionable hospital?
Q: Ok, 4 months ago I went to this hospital in my hometown because I was 32 weeks pregnant and I started hemorraghing. Anyways, when I got to the hospital via emergency room they made me wait an hour before I could go up to L&D and when I got up there they saw that I was passing blood clots the size of softballs and bleeding profusely. They did absolutely nothing but give me steroids and put me on bedrest. They didn't try to see what the problem was or try and deliver my baby or anything. I know that I was too early, but I did find out later that my body had started bleeding and was compensating for the blood loss by taking my babies blood away from her to save my body from dying. This went on for two weeks before I finally had to go an hour and a half down the road to another hospital to deliver my baby because I just didn't feel comfortable trying to deliver my baby with this hospital. I was very upset with them, because it just seemed liked they didn't have qualified medical staff. One example that the doctor did that made me realize they had no idea what they where talking about was the doctor removed my mucos plug at 32 weeks and said that it was ok cause it would grow back! I'm sorry but every medical proffesional I have talked to, couldn't believe that an OBG/YN would tell me and actually believe that was true. Anyways, yesterday, I woke up with a severe pain in my right side that was making me sick and I couldn't even function because of the pain. So I went to the emergency room again, and low and behold I waited 3 hours in the waiting room (keeping in mind that I was the only person in the emergency room, again) Then they finally took me back and I had to wait another hour and once the nurse FINALLY came back to take my blood I asked her when the doctor would come back and see me. She said three emergencies just came in with the ambulances so it would be several hours. So I told her to give me my release forms that I was going to leave. She got upset and was like, if it's your appendix you might not have another chance to come back. But I'm thinking, if it was my appendix and it burst and I"m in this room that looks like a storage room with a bed in it, and I"m all by myself, with no nurses coming in to check on me, wouldn't I be in the same dire situation as I would be in my own home? I just don't know what to do. Is there some where I can report this hospital? I've checked out their ratings, and my daughters pediatrician even rated the hospital with only one star out of five. Isn't that sad? Am I overreacting or should I have a legitamate concern that these people are very laid back with their practices and doesn't get into any kind of a rush to get anyone seen? I mean even people in this town, don't even take their children to this hospital, they all see take their kids to another hospital in another town, because they have been living in this town long enough to know that this is apparently where all the quacks come to work.
A: you can report them to your state's department of health. But I don't understand why you would go back after your first experience.

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