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What do lower abdominal pains in your ovaries mean

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A:All women feel discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen below the navel from time to time, for instance, before or during MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-lower-abdominal-pains-in-your-ovaries-mean ]
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What do lower abdominal pains in your ovaries mean
All women feel discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen below the navel from time to time, for instance, before or during MORE?
What does nausea accompanied buy lower abdominal pain and spazams...?
It could indicate a pregnancy, however it could be something else. The only way to be sure is to pay your Doctor a visit ASAP!
What is this lower left abdominal pain? Ovarian cysts, cancer, IB...?
You have my sympathy... I have been getting pains in my sides and around my lower area for over 2years and it gets excrutiating. Cists do cause pain, maybe he didn't think they would cause so much pain because they were so small... but stil...

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Tested for STD's, I also have a IUD. Pain is still continuing. What could it be?
Q: I have had the IUD for almost 3 years now. 3 Months ago I had unprotected sex and tested positive with Chlamydia. I was treated for it. I continued to have lower abdominal pain with associated lower back pain and pain in my upper inner thigh region, I thought possibly the chlamydia wasnt all gone. I went back to the doctor and the test came back negative. But the lower abdominal pain continued as well as the others, and I hadnt gotten my period in a month. I then went to another doctor because the pain has been happening for 3 months now. When I went to the doctor I ended up with Bacterial Vaginosis. I again, was treated. The doctor also had me do an ultrasound to check for PID. THe only thing the ultra sound found was a had a cyst on my right ovary. I also got the IUD removed for precaution. The pain started to go away after a couple of days, and i got my period within two days. But now, the pain is returning. I dont know what it is. Im scared because Im worried it could be herpes and although I havent had an outbreak I have heard herpes lies dormant in your lower back and attacks your nerves. Please dont post anything mean, Im scared enough as it is and completely embarressed. I am not irresponsible like this, I made a dumb decision and now I am completely upset with myself. But See I dont know because when I was younger the doctors found a cyst, and they left it. So, how could it all of a sudden be making me feel this way?
A: i do not think that this could be herpes. there would be other symptoms like trouble peeing or feeling like u are getting the flu, swollen genitals, itching burning and tingling sensations under the skin of the genitals. plus herpes usually starts to present symptoms about a month after being with some one who has herpes. it doesn't really attack your nerves it just lies dormant in the nervous system. plus it doesn't usually cause abdominal pain (as least for me it doesn't).the pain could be from the IUD. my sister had one put in and she said it caused her some pain so she had it taken out and the pain went away. cysts can cause pain as well but if they are small enough the cysts can go away on their own. i have some small ones and the cause me a little bit of pain around my period. have the doctor check for endometriosis as well that can cause some abdominal pain as well.keep going back to the doctor or if u don't trust the one your going to the get a second opinion.
Possible Appendicitis?
Q: Sunday night, I went to the ER, because I was having abdominal pain in my right lower quadrant. They did an ultrasound, and a ct scan, and a few blood tests. I found out I had a minor cyst on my right ovary and a UTI. Monday I wasn't feeling any better or worse. Tuesday (yesterday) I felt very sick and I was practically bed-ridden. I felt very nauseous, I had a 100.6 degree fever, I had chills, and felt very dizzy when I stood up. Now today, the pain has come back to my right lower half and it hurts to walk or do anything. I still feel nauseous. I also have had no appetite at all. I am 16 years old. My older sister who was supposed to take me to the doctor, called and they said all of those symptoms could mean that it actually is appendicitis and that I could not go to the doctor, but that I would have to go back to the ER. Also since saturday night, I hadn't been able to go number 2, and now all of a sudden I have diarrhea which is also another symptom. So right now I'm waiting for my sister to get back to take me to the hospital, and as I'm waiting, the pain has transferred even lower but it still remains painful above my hipbone, and it is also starting to hurt on my side, and I feel like i'm getting hot on my forehead, and i'm also pretty dizzy. sorry sort of venting, but what is your honest opinion of what I just described? Do you think it could possibly be appendicitis?Thanks!!!
A: i think that it can definitely be appendicitis because the appendix is located in the abdominal sectionon the right side. the pain may also be a byproduct of your surgery. the "hotness" you are experiencing may be a fever that was induced due to an infection of the ovary. i think the dizziness may be because you are dehydrated. your sister is correct in taking you to the emergency room and they will be able to find out what you have relatively quickly. your symptoms sound very severe but you should do fine, you don't seem to be very stressed out about it considering what it may be, if you keep up your good attitude you will do fine.
Follicle issue? PLEASE HELP! I am confused!?
Q: I haven't had a period since June. NOT on BC. My periods are normal, well were. I have been to the dr because I have had bad abdominal pain + no period. Well at first dr thought it was thyroid, got blood work done, negative. I then got a ct scan done Friday and I have to go back to thr dr tomorrow to get more blood taken, they found a bunch of follicles when I got my ct done. They said that is what is preventing my period and my abdominal pain. I have researched on what a follicle is and i have learned that it is a group of cells in the ovary and are only developed once every menstrual cycle and then go away after your period.Well I havent had a period and I have a bunch of follicles. My dr is also going to send be to a gyno. So with having a bunch of follicles, does that higher or lower my risk of getting pregnant? If higher, does that mean I could have twins or triplets? (just something I read when trying to find out about follicles).
A: If you are developing ovarian follicles, but not ovulating, then no. You would NOT be able to get pregnant because there is not egg be released (why you aren't getting a period).I don't know why kind of procedure the doctor will do to help you, but if he puts you on a medicine to induce these follicles to mature and release, it could result in multiple eggs being release which could me multiple pregnancies for you if you were having unprotected sex at the time.I think the doctor could answer your question better, but I hope I was at least helpful.

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