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What are reasons you can miss your period besides being pregnant

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A:Missing a menstrual period is a lot more common than most people realize. This is often called amenorrhea, which is the....More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-reasons-you-can-miss-your-period-besides-being-pregnant ]
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What are reasons you can miss your period besides being pregnant?
Missing a menstrual period is a lot more common than most people realize. This is often called amenorrhea, which is the....More?
What are some reasons I would miss my period besides being pregna...?
If this is your first year of having period,it is normal,it need approximately a year to year and a half until period become regular.I don't think there is reason to be scared but if you are really worried talk to your mom or sister,or cous...
Is there any other reason you'd miss your period besides being pr...?
Hormones, intense exercise, stress, cysts - see a doctor.

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birth control question?
Q: if i am on the birth control pill and my period didnt come on the time is was supposed to will it be late or come the next time im supposed to have it, i know its not still getting used to my body ive been taking it for almost 2 years, and i took 2 hpt's in the morning on different days so im almost posetive im not pregnant, and what are some other reasons i may not have my period besides being stressed out???cuz i wasnt untill i actually missed my periodim on loestrin 24 fe.... i have never missed a period on this pill before it always comes on the last thursday of the cycle and stops on the last saturdayalso, can the birth control pill mess up your hormones so you dont get an accurate urine test, i heard this from one of my friends, so im not really sure if im pg or not
A: This is fairly common your body has gotten use to the pill, you might be due for a change after two years it might be to strong for you now you might need to change to a pill with a different hormone strength so you still get a period every month.
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