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Is abdominal pain normal after a pap smear

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A:Having abdominal pain after a pap smear is not normal. But abdominal pain my be totally unrelated to the pap smear. Call you doctor for more information. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-abdominal-pain-normal-after-a-pap-smear ]
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Is abdominal pain normal after a pap smear
Having abdominal pain after a pap smear is not normal. But abdominal pain my be totally unrelated to the pap smear. Call you doctor for more information. Thanks!
Is it normal to have abdominal pain after a pap smear test??
that's not normal you shouldn't have any pain

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cramping/slight abdominal pain after pap smear ...?
Q: I had a pap smear last Friday and since then have had a slight abdominal pain. It's not overwhelming but just feels like mild cramping. Also a little bloated feeling. My period was a week ago so this would have nothing to do with that. It was actually a little more painful Sat & Sun & feels a bit better now. Still tender feeling though. Is this normal during a pap smear??? Has anyone ever experienced this?
A: I don't believe it is the general rule with women to experience that, but then everyone is different. Perhaps you're a little more sensitive than most... whatever the reason, if it persists another few days I think you should advise your doctor of what is happening.
Pain after pap smear.?
Q: A few days ago I had my first pap smear done, to be honest, I thought I knew what to expect.. but turns out I was wrong. I just went to my gp to have it done. I'd read that there is mild discomfort with the pap smear but I actually found it quite painful. When the doctor pulled the swab out, I noticed a lot of blood there, is that normal? The next day, sex hurt.. and even now it hurts to go too deep. Is this normal? I'm also having a bit of abdominal pains.
A: I highly recommend a female gyn. They know the equipment, so to speak. It is normal for the pain, and the bleeding. Your cervix has been scraped. It will be tender. I suggest holding off on sex for a few days. The blood you saw is normal,because the doctor needed to do a scrape of your cervix to get a good sample of cells. It should not have hurt that much, but, unfortunately, it hurts some people. It is hard to relax during the exam, and that is what causes pain. I recommend a female gyn because that is all they do. They train just for this. They do them 30 times a day. There are different sized speculum's that should have been available to your doctor, to use on you. First timers usually get smaller ones well lubricated. I am so sorry this hurt you. It is still a little sore for me, and I am almost 50. But, it isn't painful. I worked for a wonderful female gyno that knew her stuff. She could relate to the issues and she knew so much about how to limit the time spent during the exam, and how to go about causing as little discomfort as possible. Sometimes she wasn't always able to eliminate all the pain, but at least she was quick.She was the one that rape victims were sent to, because she is so gentle. Please, try to find someone that has a little more time spent in this area. It really does help.
Is this medical negligence Pap smear results??? Please let me know im freaking out!?
Q: Okay here it goes... back in july of 2009 i had went to the obgyn for the first time in 2 years,,,i had a pap test done and was told that my results would be in within 4 weeks and to just call..I called 4 weeks later and was told by the receptionist that looking in my medical file my pap was still "pending"... about 2 weeks after that i noticed my doctors number on call id and i called back thinking there was something wrong... the SAME receptionist looked in my file and said " i dont know why i called you...." " but whatever it was wasnt that important..." when i asked about the pap results she looked and said nope they arn't in yet.. when i asked what was taking so long she replied it could take a while upto 3 mos to get the results back in on rare cases...and assured me the call was just a mess up. 5 days later i recieved a letter from the doctors office .. it read "plase contact us regarding your test results... signed by my doctor" and immediately called back and talk to the receptionist, She had told me she was the one that sent the letter out and she signed his name and that it was a mistake again..i had her look in my file for my results and they were still pending... i believed them. about a month later i was having abnormal vaginal bleeding along with pain and pressure.. i went to see my obgyn that checked me over... i asked about my test results and told him about the letter i got. he said that the letter was for another test and it came back with some bacteria on it but all in normal ranges... and also that my results for the pap are still pending.. he said that if something was wrong he would contact me. months have gone by and still no word. i found a new interal medicine doctor that i see and signed a release form so she could get my results sent to her... this was in august 09.... she said she never got a release from by obgyn. Lately ive been having back pain and lower abdominal pain on a constant basis.. i called my obgyn to make another appointment and while i was on the phone i asked them if my pap results were evere in... same receptionist the whole time.. she gets back on the phone and says... " WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET AHOLD OF YOU BECAUSE YOUR PAP TEST WAS ABNORMAL.. WE HAVE CALLED YOU AND EVEN SENT YOU A LETTER , AND YOU NEVER GOT BACK... i said bullshit!! i called you twice , talked to YOU and you said " im sorry for the worry it was a mistake" AND I saw my doctor since then .. she gave the phone to my obgyn and hes kissing my ass saying hell waive my copays and blah blah blah.... this is really pissing me off... im super freaked out. is there a number i can call and reprt this to???? i donot want this to happen to anyone else!
A: Wow, my sister is a paralegal and boy would the lawyer she works for want those papers. Don't throw them out. Keep a good record of everything. You have a malpractice case. negligence, as well as incompetent receptionist. What jerks. I would have gone to someone one else the second time I called. But you can't go back, however, you can call a lawyer. Don't even go back. When that Dr kissed your a$$ as you put it, he was scared you would do something. Oh honey, get on that phone. go back to the other Dr and get it in writing that they wouldn't release your records. Get all the papers you can because, God forbid, if anything is wrong, you have a weapon against them. I can't believe how idiotic they are. Please, keep good records. I'm going to send this to my sister tomorrow and see what she says. Good luck and God bless. I sure hope you're alright.ps Start out with the Better Business Bureau for a number to call, They should be able to at least get you started or even give you the number to call. I HOPE YOU GET THAT JERK GOOD

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