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How does it feel to have pancreatitis

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A:Symptoms of pancreatitis are upper abdominal pain, abdominal pain that radiates to your back, nausea, and vomiting. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-does-it-feel-to-have-pancreatitis ]
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How does it feel to have pancreatitis
Symptoms of pancreatitis are upper abdominal pain , abdominal pain that radiates to your back, nausea, and vomiting. ChaCha again!
Can anyone give me a specific description of what pancreatitis fe...?
The pain of pancreatitis is terrible. It is a boring deep pain, uncharacteristic of any other disease process. My experience with pancreatitis is pain that never goes away, it is unrelieved by any activity, position, nothing makes the pain ...
What Does Pancreatic Cancer Pain Feel Like?
・ Advanced pancreatic cancer may cause pain in the upper part of the abdomen, according to the Mayo Clinic... ・ A pancreatic tumor may exert pressure on the nerves of the abdomen as it grows and this can increase... ・ Doctors may prescribe ...

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how to keep from having another pancreanitis attack again?
Q: I had pancreatitis back in April for 10 days. I was hospitalized for 8. I had my gall bladder removed 4 weeks ago because of a large gall stone but the doctor said my high tryglcerides cause to pancreatitis attack. I have always had high tryglerides and cholesterol levels especially since my hysterectomy last year. Ever since my gall bladder has been removed my stomach is so much bigger, or it seems. I cant fit into my old clothes that i wore before. After I eat I dont feel great and my stomach feels bloated. Pancreatitis is very dangerous and can be deadly I dont want to be a another statistic. Does anyone have any suggestion how to hopefully prevent another attack? It does scare me Im only 39 years old and have a beautiful family to take care of. Has anyone been in my situation before and what have you done to take care of your self?
A: High triglycerides are usually caused from high sugar/sweets intake. Therefore, I suggest you decrease your sugar intake.
Will things ever get easier. My dog is sick and so young (please I need some support)?
Q: Okay My 1 year old toy poodle was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis on Tuesday. He will be fine. And able to go back on his normal food in a few days and they treated him with antibiotics.What I don't get is He eats strictly dog food. No people food no table scraps and he got this.Well then I read that Poodles are genetically predisposed to Pancreatitis and other liver problems.We've been told in the past his parents never should have been bred together.He had one testicle that refused to drop (but finally did) and he has the worst repiratory allergies.But he was supposed to be here because he has touched so many lives. He saved my grandfather.But then I have a mutt and she is the healthiest dog I've ever met and obviously her parents never should have been bred together because she is a mutt but it happened and she is very healthy (how can you say a purebred is badly bred but not a mutt)I just hate that he has been sick and I'm scared that this is going to be a pattern. I will always care for him and make sure he gets the proper health care but I just don't get how this dog, a wonderful dog and one of the best dogs in the world could have problems. They feel this pancreatitis is probably the root of a lot of his small issues but he is so young.I'm starting to wonder if maybe something was really wrong with the other pup in his litter (the other pup was still born)Obviously my boy is a fighter. (I just hope the breeder never breeds those two dogs together again. We've been told this time and time again)Its hard though because he is loved by so many. Not just family and friends but anyone who had met him.I just need some support ThanksMy husbands grandmother found him at a breeder and assured us that he was coming from a good place. This was before we knew anything about BYBs I don't even remember the womans name. We drove 3 hours to get him.He has been having stomach issues for months and the last vet (before we moved) didn't really look into it too far and just gave him a pill for nausea and diahreaha and sent him home. The new vet atleast thought to look futher into the issue
A: More info please...Did you get him from a pet store, or from a reputable breeder?If it was from a reputable breeder, then you need to let them about about your dogs condition.
How serious can Pancreatitis be?
Q: My ma was just addmitted to the hospital on saturday. At first they said it was her gall bladder because she was vomiting green bile and having pain in her lower right side. They also informed us she is also severly diabetic. Then yesterday they told us its not her gall bladder; instead she has pancreatitis. And then this morning they were doing an xray or something and said that her liver is enlarged so they cant see her pancreas. So knowing this; any clue how bad it is? I really need to know and my ma won't tell me much. (and so you know im 25; not a child so dont feel obligated to protect me or whatever) THANX FOR ANY INFO
A: Pancreatitis can be mild or quite serious. It is good that your mom is in the hospital and is getting the care she needs. Here is an article about pancreatitis that has a scoring system (see "Prognostic indices") that can help you figure out how severe her pancreatitis is:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acute_pancreatitisIt may be that she doesn't have a lot of information herself. See if she will give her permission to let you speak with her doctors or her nurses. They might be able to tell you more than she can. I hope she gets better soon.

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