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Does the depo-provera shot make you emotional

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A:Side effects of the Depo-Provera are breakthrough bleeding, spotting, change in menstrual flow, amenorrhea, headache, nervousness, dizziness, edema, change in weight (increase or decrease), change in cervical erosion and cervical secretions MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-the-depo%26%2345%3Bprovera-shot-make-you-emotional ]
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Does the depo-provera shot make you emotional
Side effects of the Depo-Provera are breakthrough bleeding, spotting, change in menstrual flow, amenorrhea, headache, nervousness, dizziness, edema, change in weight (increase or decrease), change in cervical erosion and cervical secretions...

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How does the depo provera shot affect you?
Q: i really hate any kind of birth control, but i love banging my bf and im waiting until im 25 to get my tubes tied. my body just doesnt get along with pills and im not down for the iud or anything that is inserted, yanno? about 4 or 5 years ago, i tried the depo shot, but i stopped because i *thought* it was making me severely depressed. low and behold, i do that all on my own. i ended a friendship and i was just feeling really sh!tty, but now that i look back.....i still hate that b!tch and im always a sad girl no matter what so im starting to think it wasnt the depo that encouraged my psychotic behavior. i know it varied from woman to woman, but what were your physical and emotional side effects while getting the depo shot?im also worried about gaining weight. i know its common to gain weight on b/c, but ive also heard that even if you're trying really hard to lose, you still gain. im on a strict program, i dont want any set backs, but i also dont want a bun in my oven...thx 4 helpi know what the side affects are supposed to be, im wondering what OTHER WOMEN have experienced when on it. im sure theres atleast one fucking bitch on here who has taken it, wtf
A: I'm with you all B/C has its set backs but in comparison to the alternative.... you may rather have a few set backs. Here are the most common that my friends and I have seenWeight gain ( some gained 5 lbs - some gained 20) Breakthrough bleedingEctopic pregnancysevere mood swingsincreased appetite decreased calcium absorption ( breaking nails and hair )
Early signs you may have overlooked?
Q: I've been using Depo Provera for the past five months and I've never been late for a shot. I understand that this birth control is as, if not more, effective than a tubal ligation (failure rate of 0.3 for Depo is used perfectly, failure rate 0.3-0.5 for a tubal). However, lately I've just ''felt pregnant''. I've had a lot going on lately so I assumed most of it was stress (split with partner of several years and it was an ugly breakup, lately had to deal with photographs of him and other women surfacing, strain on relationship with my own family, strain on work and financial life, etc). I assumed I was either depressed or had a thyroid problem and planned to make an appointment with my doctor (which I haven't done yet). I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet, but I plan to in the morning. Since I haven't had a period since the beginning of summer it's hard to know when (and if) I may have gotten pregnant. Not having a period for that long also makes one rather paranoid....Here's what I'm noticing:I just feel....fat. I'm a rather fit person but lately I've been very aware of my belly. I'm truly hoping that I'm nowhere near far enough along to be showing (in all honesty I'm hoping I'm not pregnant). Most likely psychosomatic. Along with always noticing my belly...I've had a dull...not exactly pain...but sensation. Not quite upset stomach, but more just aware of it and it feels a little funny. Sometimes I do feel like I have mild cramps. Other times I feel kind of queasy, like when you're going down in an elevator. It's lower than a tummy ache would be, but it doesn't feel like it's intestinal. I've been constipated for a few days (too much info?). I have really bad IBS that leans toward the other end of the spectrum, so this is very unusual for me. I'm moody. Satan in high heels. It may be my birth control, it may be a thyroid problem I need checked out, or it may be crazy hormones. I'll cry at the drop of a hat, get very emotional about little things, and I'm very hot-and-cold. Headaches, every single day. I don't usually get them, so this is odd for me. Sharp pain in my lower left abdomen. Brown vaginal discharge (no, not spotting. Just like regular discharge, only light brown). I have no STIs or infections. My boobs seem bigger. However, nipples don't appear darker and I have no breast tenderness. I'm exhausted all the time. I'll get a full nights sleep and feel dead on my feet in short of a few hours. I'm always cold (this may be related to the thyroid). I either don't feel like eating, nothing in the kitchen appeals to me (and I'm not picky), or I don't want to stop eating. Mostly leaning towards the 'not eating' side, though. Seeing as I usually eat good balanced meals this is unusual for me. I just have a gut feeling. I know worrying about being pregnant makes your body act pregnant, and I'm hoping this is all from stress. Just wondering if you had any symptoms similar to this. Unfortunately no two pregnancies are the same, and textbooks and websites usually only outline the later 'early signs' like implantation bleeding, a missed period, breast swelling and tenderness, etc. Thoughts?Again, I plan to test the second I get the chance.Thanks ladies. I kind of figured as much, just wanted a little reassurance before I called the doc. Unfortunately I have a family history of breast cancer, endometriosis and blood clotting, so this was the only thing they'd put me on (I've tried lots of pills and always spot bled). My doctor won't give an IUD unless I've had kids, and franky I don't want one. I suppose the upside of being single is I can't get myself pregnant!
A: I would truly doubt that you are pregnant, that Depo shot is VERY effective, as long as you've been consistent with it (which you say u r). I was on the shot for about two years. Remember, the shot is full of hormones,so it can mimic pregnancy. Not everyone can use it because of that and other side effects. I know that you r not going to like to hear this (I wouldn't from a stranger) but I think you might be depressed. It's the holidays, your boyfriend isn't in the picture, bad break up, stress that you talk about. A thyroid condition could be a possibility, too. If your test comes back neg for pregnancy, have a serious heart to heart with your dr. See what he/she says. If you don't agree, see another. I think you'll feel much better. You might need some meds short term,or someone to talk to get u through this rough patch. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Sometimes us women need to be reminded of this, I know that I do.Good luck to you, sweetie.By the way, I, too had to stop the Depo shot due to a massive weight gain (over 50 lbs.) and feeling moody. I would suggest trying an alternative if nothing else medically turns up.
ONLY answer if youre doctor, nurse, or woman who got prego & didnt know before Deop?
Q: First off, I'm 16, almost seventeen, I don't wanna hear the speech on sex & everything. I know I should have waited, I feel like crap, Nothing I can do. So don't lecture me.If a condom broke DURING sex and the sperm was all the way inside, less than a week BEFORE going on Depo Provera (one and a half months ago), is there a chance to be pregnant? Would Depo Provera affect a blood pregnancy test? [[I don't want a lecture on how I shouldn't have went on Depo Provera before knowing for sure. I had to be put on it to have somewhere to live. It doesn't kill or hurt a baby. Anything can cause deformation in an unborn baby. My brother turned out fine. So don't even bring it up.]]"Well, its hard to say...actually if by the very very SLIM chance you were pregnant BEFORE starting the depo shot you probably wouldnt find out until you felt fetal movement (at 16 wks aprox)." -Steady health.-*My symptoms*::-My boobs & nipples have stabbing pain, constantly.-I always feel bloated.-I'm only gaining wait in my belly & it's hard, not fat.-Brown discharge; kinda like mucus looking, but brown. (Do not tell me it's because of spotting or menstration. I spotted for a week, then nothing for two days, then for the last five-seven days I have had brown discharge. Don't tell me it's because of Depo cuz I was on it beofre and never had it.)-I cry over everything, no joke. I hate crying so much.-I can't sleep right; I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I have also had really wierd dreams the last week.-Nausea, sometimes in mornings, sometimes at night.-Spicy food suddenly upsets my stomach & gives me diarrhea.-I get random shooting pain in my vagina, just the last two and a half weeks.-Night sweats.-Hair on my body is growing faster after shaving.-I usually love macaroni, but two days ago I was gagging while eating it.-I HATEE hotdogs, but the last week they taste good, which is really gross.-I went to a hang out spot where local "rock" bands play last weekend and I was right in front of the stage. I could feel the bass in my lower belly and it made me get butterflies in my tummy, it made me nausous & light-headed.-I sweat more than normal.-Pain during intercoarse.-Loss of energy, always fatigued.-Over emotional.-Alot of movement makes me feel nausous.-I clean like crazy the last two weeks & I hate cleaning.Some chick told me Depo causes signs of pregnancy, but not all of these.. My doctor doesn't think Depo is the cause. I WAS ON DEPO BEFORE & DIDN'T FEEL ANY OF THESE. I never felt like this before in my life.My doctor thought I was pregnant so he made me do a pee test & a blood test on friday, but he had to go to his next appointment so he said he would call in the middle of the week. So I decided to call cuz I don't want to wait.. And he is not there so I talked to some random nurse. The guy said my HCG level was one or less than one. Isk what that even means, but okay. But if that means negative, is there a chance I could be pregnant still? I looked some thing up on Depo affecting pregnancy tests and it can. My mom had sex a week before Depo and she didn't find out she was prego until she was like three months along.PLEASE HELPPPP. ASAP.Thanks so much.(:I also have to pee ALOT.But it's small amounts.Idk.
A: I'd say yes.. you are.i dont see how you cant be!but incase you want to be 100% sure...get a test

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