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Does lower right abdominal pain mean I'm pregnant

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A:Many other conditions can cause abdominal pain, whether you're pregnant or not. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-lower-right-abdominal-pain-mean-i%27m-pregnant ]
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Could a pain in my lower right abdomen mean I am pregnant??
i cant answer but im having the same symptom and my pd is due in 2 days weve been ttc for 5 months..but also my nipples feel a lil sore..good luck i will check back n c if neone has had this! thanks 4 posting this ? !

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Does it mean my labour is about to start?
Q: I already asked another question like this a couple days ago, but I now have a lot of back pain and lower abdominal pain when I walk. Once I sit and relax, the pain pretty much goes away. I'm 39 weeks pregnant and got checked by my doctor 2 days ago, he said I'm 1-2 cm dilated and 30% effaced. He also put his finger right in my cervix and said he could feel the baby's head because it's very low. The doctor doesn't think I'll make it to my due date, which is exactly a week from today now. I don't know if the doctor made contractions start by putting his finger in the cervix. Do you think I'll be in actual labour sooner than a week from here?Yes, it is my second baby. I don't know why, but I'm more worried about this labour then I was with my first baby. Maybe because I know how bad it is haha.
A: You are in labor if you cervix is dilated, but you are not in active labor until your cervix is 4 cm dilated. The pains that you are feeling is your body getting ready to go into labor. Just keep an eye on it. I didn't have contractions I had the back pain and the menstrual type cramps and then my water just broke out of nowhere. It is different for everybody, but it is true what people say you will know when you are in labor. I was afraid i wouldn't know either, but I did it's like second nature. You are almost there and it sounds like to me that you are going to go a few days early. Good luck and enjoy the experience cause even through all of the pain it is the best thing in the world!!!
i used the pullout method with having unprotected sex, could i be pregnant?
Q: I'm 18 and on June 19th my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he pulled out right before he was about to go.I mean I'm sure there are chances he couldve leaked isn't there? But Exactly a week later I had pink spotting. A really light pink but it was only when I wiped.that was very unusual for me. That happend for about 2 or 3 days. Then It was like the next day or 2 I was having my period. Except everything was different. Usually I bleed really heavy and am cramping so bad. I didn't have any bad cramps prior or during ne of that. And the bleeding wanst heavy at all. And my period wasn't supposed to have been until the next week. Since that I've had nothing. I have really sharp pain through my lower abdominal area and also higher but mostly on the sides. A few times they've been really bad pains but they don't last long.I should be on my period right now but am not. Todays the 30th of july. I had taken two pregnancy tests about 3 weeks ago and they both came up negative. What does any one think?
A: If you had unprotected sex, pregnancy is possible.But if you've had 3 negative tests, you probably aren't pregnant THIS time ... but you're luck will run out eventually, so use birth control. (And in the mean time, see your doctor for a blood pregnancy test just to be sure.)
Am I pregnant, or is something FUNKY just happening?
Q: So this is how it went down. My boyfriend and I had sex, unprotected sex. In hope for a baby we had lost one months and months ago, almost a year now! A few weeks ago we had sex but he had pulled out because I don't like his "man juice" in me. ha ha. But about a month before that he had came in me. We went to illinois in July for 9 days before we had left I felt very ill in the mornings and nights. while in illinois i was supposed to start my period but never did. Our second to last night there everyone was drinking and smoking but not me because i felt very ill, not even thinking I may be preggo..But i had to go home because i had a hot flash and felt very dizzy and had a massive headache. I was constipated those 9 days as well when we returned home a day later I then was able to "poop". While at the airport the ninth day I had brown discharge and had brown discharge for 3 days after I returned home, followed by a light pink and more brown. on the 4th day at home I started my period, so i thought. My "period" is very late and irregular. It had stopped the day after yesterday and started back up today. I have abdominal pain and backaches. I'm constipated again and every-time I get a craving for food I take a few bites and then feel nauseated I'm very thirsty I mean i had 5 glasses of raspberry tea today in under one hour! Wow i've been very thirsty! ha ha..!! I have headaches I feel sore and my lower abdominal area gets stiff and tense. I've been gaining weight and barely eating i walk funny and my "V-" hurts. :/ I have been throwing up in my mouth every hour! and everything I used to love to smell "food perfume...detergent" is all very sicking. I took a pregnancy test and in the morning it showed up NEGATIVE! I cant go to the doctor right now, i have no job atm. i get sharp pains when walking and i get dizzy often now.. I want to know if i'm pregnant or if something weirds happening.. plz help with some hints thanks.thanks alien man haha
A: you to the Dr1- if u are preggo then u will need to take vitimins and get an OB ect...2- if u r not preggo then u might be really sick and need meds - or at least the dr might know what wrongeither way the docs is the choice to go

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