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Can you get cramps from being constipated

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A:Swollen abdomen or abdominal pain is indeed a symptom of constipation. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-cramps-from-being-constipated ]
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Can you get cramps from being constipated
Swollen abdomen or abdominal pain is indeed a symptom of constipation. ChaCha!

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What's wrong with me??? Answer quickly please!!! =(?
Q: Hi, I've been having weird pains, and I'd like to get an idea of what is wrong. The pain is in my lower region, a bit above my hips. It's like all my muscles are seizing up there and all around there, front and back. It feels like I'm constipated, but I don't think you can get cramps from that. I haven't started my period yet, so I'm not sure if this is what cramps feel like. Midol and Motrin haven't helped, only laying on a heating pad has. It's made worse by walking around, and I can feel it in my thighs. It's not consistent, it only happened last night, and around 2pm today. I did some research, and I figured it may be two things- appendicitis or endometritis (never had period so not sure if this is the case). Please help, it's about to start again! =[ thanks again,-Katie
A: Sound like period cramps to me, and let me tell you, they can be BRUTAL...kinda like someone sticking a knitting needkle through your back into you woman parts...hard to explain.
Moms can you help me with this?(non baby related)?
Q: For about the last 3 hours I have had a horrible cramping pain in the right hand lower side of my stomach, sometimes in the middle or left side, but mostly on the right. Im not due to have my period for 2 weeks so its not cramping from that, plus I never have cramping hardly anyways. I cannot stand or sit straight, its too painful, i have to stay hunched over. It almost feels like I am in early labour? I kind of felt constipated..which I'm not..when I went to try to go to the washroom it hurt so bad I almost passed out! But it still feels like the pain would be relieved if I made a bowel movement.I have taken Tylenol 3 because I have a horrible ear infection that is also painful, so I thought it would help take away the pain in my stomach, but it is not, and the pain is getting more severe. What could this be? My boyfriend is home from work in 2 hours and I will be going to emerge if it gets any worse.Im not pregnantI know what pregnancy is like, I just went though it.And I would of just ovulated, im in the middle of my cycle, there is no way these are pregnancy signs.Also I had a bowel movement this morning, so how could contipation pains be this bad
A: Could very possibly be appendicitis.
What would you like toI need some advice about me after my virus, please help!?
Q: I had a stomach virus like 2 weeks ago. i had dirreaha and i could only eat bland for 2 weeks. 1 week i had to get the virus out of my system and the other week and ate normal and bland. Now, I'm constipated....i took a medication that was a pro-biotic, which in other words means good bacteria for the stuff that u lost in dirreaha. That stuff bound me up and i was told to take it for 10 days by my doctor. Now, as i said, I'm constipated but I am able to at least get out a little of normal poop about every day or every other day. But you know us guys when we poop we pee at the same time, so my blatter gets worn out and hurts from all of the pushing after wards cause it takes like a few times going back and forth to the toliet to get some poop out. I want serious answers really, i know i could take a laxative but i just want to know if anyone has ever suffered from this before and if so, what can i do? just eat more friut and so on, idk im lost. i just want to get back on track cause im going back to school and i want to be normal. i have all the sensations to poop but its very hard to and can get stuck in my rectum. i e ven have a blood shot eye from the force of pushing. its not easy and when you have constipation your stomach hurts a lot from cramping and also you dont get as hugry all of the time and when you eat a lot you cramp up even more cuase u didnt get out the last poop and meal you had a few nights ago cause of the whole back up, so please help me and give me good advice if you can, i dont want to go on a laxative, i just want to be normal and please be serious i need help!thanks a lot really
A: Okay, since you aren't interested in a stool softner or laxitive, you should strictly concentrate on eating healthy, well-portioned meals and foods. Stick to plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables. But don't have any of ur vegetables fried cause that really won't help. Just stay calm and don't worry. At least you're going alittle, however if its like small rabbit pelets or clumpy hard poop then you are still constipated. Just don't puch tooo hard cuase then you'll get hemrroids and all that sh*t. Just do what I told you and read the ling I'm gonna give you for the constipation page on wikipedia. If you notice it getting worse and really bad, then it wouldn't hurt to call ur doctor to ask questions and get the right kind of laxitive cause if you buy one on ur own you could sometimes have bad side effects and problems so it would be in your best interest to contact ur doctor if you get worse. but otherwise, you should make it! Florastor is a probiotic medication that I know about and have taken. it actually stops the dirreaha from happeneing and replaced your good bacteria and can cause constipation. it will remain in your system for about 5-7 days after your last dose though it could be just a day or two longer cause you probably took it all the time when u experianced dirreahea. Just hang in there n u'll b okay! :)

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