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Can stomach ulcers make someone feel sick to the stomach

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A:Stomach ulcer can make you sick. You will have abdominal pain and bleeding. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-stomach-ulcers-make-someone-feel-sick-to-the-stomach ]
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Can stomach ulcers make someone feel sick to the stomach
Stomach ulcer can make you sick. You will have abdominal pain and bleeding.

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feeling sick for days?
Q: a few weeks i got up in the middle of the night with chest pain, it felt like the pain was underneath my breast bone, it went eventrully so put it down to indigestion but i hadn't eaten before bed etc.I then on new years eve had what i can only describe as a sickness bug, my gp gave me some antacid pills which i threw back up again, and then she gave me a motion sickness pill to take away the nausea, it worked as i went to bed that afternoon with a hot water bottle.i wasn't sick anymore after that but it took nearly a week for the feeling of sickness but for 3 days i had to rush to loo after i ate and had diahoria.then wednesday the sickness came back. I haven't been sick but everytime i eat i think about eating i feel sick.last night i went to bed, and felt sick for most of the night.i'm starting to think i might have a stomach ulcer (i'm naughty and have self diagnosed myself online) i've read that stomach ulcer's make you feel sick between your breast bone and navel which is where i keep feeling sick.i'm quite big and could do with losing weight but don't really want to do it this way.i also suffer from oral allergy syndrome which means i'm allergic to raw fruit and vegetables.i just don't know what to do anymore, i want the sickness to go away.what is the best thing for me to eat and drink? which won't make me feel sick??i hope someone will be able to help me.p.s i'm on a lot of tablets for depression, and generlised anxiety disorder, which i am unable to take the full doseages of at the moment due to me not eating properly.
A: It appears you have many problems and may be you need a change of medication or more medication.You should not suffer any more. Please ring your GP straight away and make an appointment - who will refer you to other professionals to help you with your problems.
What would make me sick from fruit?
Q: For several years, I have been unable to eat certain fruits without getting sick to my stomach. I can eat strawberries, grapes and watermelon and most canned fruits with no problem. When ever I eat unprocessed fruit like bananas, pears, blueberries, and sometime apples, (eating plain eggs do it too) I get very sick and feel like I need to throw up. Someone has mentioned a stomach ulcer before, however I already take prescription antacid for heartburn. Any thoughts on what may cause the stomach irritation?
A: I'm not so sure, maybe you should ask a doctor about this. I can only tell you a friend had that as well adn she stopped eating fruit for a while and now it's all gone.
stomach pain, not going away really scared!!!?
Q: I feel sick all of the time, and the doctor says I have"obssessive thought about it and that is why i am feeling sick. I always have stomach pain, and i am always really really scared about it, becuase i have SEVERE emetophobia I mean like i cant be in the same room with someone who has a small stomachache. All day thoughts go through my head 'I am sick omg i'm going to throw up, it's going to be disqusting" things like that. all tests for ulcers etc. neg. by the way. dont say go to the doctor, i am going, closed now so i cant. I am not vomiting, and can manage to eat and hold it down, I am just nauseous and scared, everyone says my mind is playing games on me and i know it is, but i cant get that thought through my head long enough to feel good. My stomach hurts, no fever (temp. is 97.8), nasuea (lessened), no diarrhea, i really hope it is just fear and anxiety, i have a friend coming over tomorrow and i am desprate to feel good which is making me feel sick am i sick at all i hope notI went to a phyciatrist and got lexapro today, and i cant have corn syrup to the person who suggested i drink flat ginger ale sorry :-( it makes my stomach worse
A: Go to a different doctor that will listen to you.

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