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Why do I bleed so heavy on my period

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A:Hemophilia is a well-known but rare bleeding disorder that runs in families that you could possibly have. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-bleed-so-heavy-on-my-period ]
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Why do I bleed so heavy on my period
Hemophilia is a well-known but rare bleeding disorder that runs in families that you could possibly have. ChaCha on!
Can You Bleed Heavy With Your Period For 3 Days?
Yes, every-ones period / cycle is different some bleed all the time where others hardly bleed at all, if it continues for longer then seven days i would see my doctor or local clinic, if you were having intercourse it could be a sign of a m...
How can you increase your chances of getting pregnant if you blee...?
The amount of bleeding you lose during a period doesn't alter or change the likelihood of your fertility. Having sex during your Ovulation period will increase the chance of conceiving a baby.

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Why do I bleed heavy as hell on my period?
Q: The first 3 days are excruciating! I don't go anywhere, just stay in the house. If I sit the wrong way I bleed, if I lay the wrong way in the bed... blood everywhere. Its not the whole time I'm on my period, just about the first 3 days.Is there anything to help me from bleeding so heavy? And also, my stomach feels sooo uncomfortable like I'm constipated and cramps a little bit. I've heard take a bath, but how do you do that when you're on your period?Any tips?
A: Hi, what your describing is "mennorhagia" or excessive menstrual bleeding. Excessive is defined as soaking through a tampon or pad within an hour or less. I dealt with this same thing, though as ive gotten older its improved slightly. First of all what are you using? Tampons can make tummy aches and cramps worse. Pads are best for heavy bleeding, cloth pads are best. They are not filled with chemicals as plastic, disposable pads are. You can get cloth pads with custom thickness for your heavy flow. You can get them in cute fabrics and dark colors so the blood wont show. they are washable, too and save money. I began to make my own pads because I bleed heavy, i made them with flannel and towel inside, they absorb much more than a store bought pad.an example of cloth pads is at lunapads.comthough lunapads is way to expensive and mostly light-day pads, there are a lot of options on the web for this.How to make tummy aches better- try eating ginger, and drinking a clear soda like ginger ale, just a few sips will do.Cramps? Lay on your back with legs in indian style- this widens the opening of the cervix and allows blood to pass through painlessly. An orgasm will also cure your cramps instantly, if your bf or husband is okay with this.Now... HEAVY BLEEDING CURES?Heres some webpages with remedies for heavy menstrual bleeding,http://www.brighthub.com/health/alternative-medicine/articles/14204.aspxhttp://www.ctds.info/menorrhagia.html#myexphttp://www.nature-ally.com/heavy-periods-menorrhagia.htmlHope that helps---and PS, taking a bath wont do anything, you will continue to bleed, and blood in the bathwater is not too pleasantyou may also want to buy some black towels or a "period blanket" for you to lie on to protect your sheets
I just started my period. And it bleed so heavy. Why does it do that?
Q: when my period comes on it bleed so heavy.
A: Because it is still getting used to your body, now that your hymen is broken... it will be heavy for maybe the nest 4-6 periods. Just get used to it.Hope this helps!
why am i having a weird period-heavy bleeding-10 days long-have clots-no cramping?
Q: my primary care doctor gave me a script for prednisone for my hip. started normal period on time (9/15) started taking prednisone on same day. period stopped same day. i was not concerned (i was sterilized last november) (kinda happy no period) took prednisone for 5 days. on 9/25 started period (normal barley bleeding) went to gyno for appt about stress incontenance on 9/27-still having normal barley bleeding period. doc did a exam. on the night of 9/28 started bleeding very bad. i am 35 have 3 children and have never bled so bad. changing tampon every hour or 2 almost like a gush would happen. went to see doc on 10/01 about bleeding he does not know what is wrong ordered blood work and 2 ultrasounds. did blood work that same day, had 2 ultrasounds on 10/3. tech did tummy ultra s first then did the vagina one. at the end of the test he asked me when my last period was and when i was leaving room nurse said good luck.. what is wrong with me and should i be worried im still bleeding.
A: i had period for a year after tubes tiedhad to go to 3 diffrent docs till they found problem ovaries covered in cyst full hysterectomy at 25 keep looking for a doctor that cares and understandsgood luck

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