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Why do cows need salt

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Cattle use salt licks as a source of sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc, which are key for bone and muscle development. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-cows-need-salt ]
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Why do cows need salt
Cattle use salt licks as a source of sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc, which are key for bone and muscle development.
Why do cattle need salt?
The same reason you do, they need salt and other minerals to keep them healthy.
Do cows need salt licks?
Cattle need to get enough magnesium and salt in their diet. Cattle need salt to maintain the proper function of their nervous and muscular systems. Cows require salt; their bodies not capable of storing it. They need salt on a regular basis...

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Why do cows need to lick salt block?
Q: Is there a purpose for the salt intake?
A: When salt intake is below that required to meet the animal’s need for sodium and chloride, the animal adjusts by conserving salt. Urine output of sodium and chloride nearly stops. A continuous low salt intake affects the health of animals through a loss of appetite and weight. Feed utilization decreases and it takes more feed per unit of gain or product produced. Animals soon develop a craving for salt. They may consume considerable amounts of dirt, wood, rocks and other materials, if they do not have access to salt blocks. Lactating animals are most susceptible to a salt deficiency because milk contains a considerable amount of sodium and chloride.
How come Cow fish need salt?...?
Q: why do they need salt water? :] explain :]
A: cowfish:http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GWYE_enUS267US267&q=cowfishnow that that's out of the way...they've evolved in a fully marine environment, the chemical processes and biological functions that go on to keep them alive work best (or at least well enough to keep them alive) at the parameters given in the ocean.. high pH, alkalinity, and saline levels
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Q: I have to do this project and figure out the answer. This question is based on travels on the oregon trail in the mid 1800's. " you are a pioneer. your oxen have struggled for hours to pull your wagonup a steep slope. Now you have to go down the other side without crashing( wagon wheels have no breaks) how will you slow your decent? Extra Info: The wagon is 4 by 10 feet , load:1,600-2,500 pounds4-8 oxen needed be wagonAnimals taken: oxen, horses, dairy cows, cattle, chickens, mules ,pigs dogs&catsFood Supplies: flour, corn meal, salt, baking soda, sugar, crackers, dried beans, rice, dried fruit, bacon, coffe vinegarOther Stuff: bedding, spare wagon parts, tar ,rope ,chains, pulleys, tools, fishing poles, guns, ammunition, matches, soap, medicines, Cooking Equipment: Dutch oven, large kettle, frying pan, bread pan, coffee grinder, polling pin, tin cups and plates, water kegs, knives spoons.Please put steps for your solution and please explain why it works.Thanks!
A: I would empty out the wagon, then use pulleys along with the oxen to lower the wagon to the bottom, then I would pack everything onto the ox and horses and walk them down the hill.

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