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What is the half reaction for zinc

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Common zinc isoptopes: Zinc-65, half-life of 244.26 days; Zinc-72, 46.5 hours. All others from less than 1 second to 14 hours. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-half-reaction-for-zinc ]
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What is the half reaction for zinc
Common zinc isoptopes: Zinc-65, half-life of 244.26 days; Zinc-72, 46.5 hours. All others from less than 1 second to 14 hours.
How to balance tehse reactions * Zn+H2SO4+CuSO4--> reduction h...?
I just do one for you. You have not shown that you are putting effort into solving these questions. ...

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What is the reaction between Zinc Oxide and Copper Sulphate?
Q: Hi, I am doing a Chemistry investigation in 12th grade and one of the aspects was to compare the corrosion of a standard nail vs a galvanized nail in 1M Copper Sulphate.The standard nail gave the expected result (A copper plating on the nail and the solution changing to Iron Sulphate). However, the Galvanized nail has a strange result. It rusted through extremely quickly. As soon as it was immersed in CuSO4, the zinc oxide coating on the nail began to fizz. Within 24 hours the nail had lost half of its weight, and the solution has also changed to Iron Sulphate.Now, I was expecting the Zinc Oxide to protect the nail from the CuSO4, not react with it. Can anyone tell me what the zinc oxide did? (Accelerate, change, etc.)And if possible, what the equation would be?Sorry for the long question and thanks for any help.Pisgahchemist, thankyou for your answer. Interestingly there was actually no copper plating present after 24 hours in the solution. I'll have to find out if there was any Sulphuric Acid added.
A: Let me understand your observations. When you put the galvanized nail (iron coated in Zn) in CuSO4 you got bubbles and the zinc and the iron reacted. I'm assuming you got Cu plating out as metallic copper.Chances are that whoever prepared the solution of copper (II) sulfate used some sulfuric acid to help dissolve the CuSO4 to make the solution. The solution, being acidic, reacted with the THIN coating of ZnO, exposing the Zn metal which reacted with both the Cu++ and the H+. When the layer of Zn metal had completely reacted then the iron reacted with the acid.Even a solution of CuSO4 will be slightly acidic, but I'm betting that when you ask your teacher he/she will tell you that they used H2SO4.
What is the chemical equation for the reaction between bromine aqueous and iron (II) sulphate?
Q: I know the iron (II) ion will be oxidised to iron (III) ion and the bromine will be reduced to bromide ion. But how to write this chemical equation?FeSO4 + Br2 --> ???Can anyone tell me how to write it? I already know how to write the half equation and overall equation. And what about the reaction between iron (III) chloride and zinc?
A: “? I already know how to write the half equation and overall equation.”If so, I'm not sure what you need help with. However, you have half equationsFe2+ + e-  Fe3+2Br2 + 2e-  2 Br-Combined asFe2+ Br2  Fe3+ + 2Br-Writing an overall equation is more difficult (and why do it?). You will be making FeBr3 from Br2, so you need to double up on it. This will give the ugly equation6 FeSO4 + 3 Br2  2 Fe2(SO4)3 + 2 feBr3Zn and Fe(III): depends how much. Anything between2Fe3+ + Zn  2Fe2+ + Zn2+or2FeCl3 + Zn  2FeCl2 + ZnCl2And 2Fe3+ + 3Zn  2Fe + 3Zn2+or2FeCl3 +3 Zn  2Fe + 3ZnCl2
Vaginal yeast infection. Why wont the symptoms go away? Would it be okay for me to use Bacitracin zinc? Help!?
Q: This is pretty long but im miserable so try to bear with me.... After about a week and a half of taking penicillin for a strep throat, I was diagnosed with a yeast infection on moday. I was told that my infection wasn't too serious and that i could buy an over the counter treatment because i am allergic to the persciption, so i bought vagistat-1and used on tuesday night before bed (after taking a shower). I also bought a vaginal itching and pain relieving cream and slept with that on too, which relieved the itching completely. When i woke up on wednesday morning i had horrible pain and tremendous swelling of the vulva and labia area with no serious itching and a very small amout of the yeasty discharge compared to what i had before the treatment (the swelling and pain was so bad that i had to ice it and take aleve to help it go down). The swelling seemed to go down but i was still very sore down there. I was thinking that this reaction could have came from the pain relieving cream, so i washed it off in the shower and did not put it on again that day, but i was still sore. When i went to use the bathroom before bed i noticed that the swelling was back, so i took more aleve and iced it again. Thursday morning i had no swelling, little pain, and no yeasty discharge so i thought i was going to be okay... that is untill the itching came back. I still did not use the pain relieving cream and i restrained myself from scratching at it because the irritation wasn't too severe, and i knew it would get worse if i touched it. I was okay for the whole day, took a shower and slept fine the whole night. Friday morning (today) i noticed the discharge was coming back heavy again and slight itching again but, no swelling and just mild pain so i ignored it. About and hour ago the itching became so intense i could't help but to scratch. I scratched so much that i made myself bleed. I'm also very sore, swollen again, and still the heavy discharge. I tried the pain relieving cream again, it seemed to help ALOT. I also iced it and took aleve to bring the swelling down. I dont think the treatment helped, i have heavy yeast and discharge and even though i'm okay for right now, i know its all gonna happen again. (I'm positive it's not an STD or bacterial vaginitis by the way). Any advice? Is this common? I'm miserable and don't know what to do anymore. Should i buy another treatment? Would i be okay to put bacitracin zinc first-aid antibiotic ointment on it and possibly little bit inside of me to try helping? Please help, i'm desperate! :(
A: At this point, you have tried everything that I would suggest and you should go back to the doctor, or even the Urgent care. This is soooo miserable that it will drive you crazy if you don't. If you can't get it, try taking benadryl, it will help with the itching, and sit in a cool bath. Take a book and do not scratch! It will make it worse. I would not use the cream again, it sounds like you have had a reaction to it. You could also try plain yogurt, I know that it sounds weird, but it is a natural treatment for yeast infections, and actually cools and soothes, but be sure to try it on a small area first to make sure that it does not burn from the scratching. I used to have this problem with every dose of antibiotics that I had, it is very frustrating. Good luck

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