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How do you make yourself more fertile to have a baby

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It is important to include certain vitamins and minerals in your diet. Try to include: vitamin C and antioxidants and zinc. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-make-yourself-more-fertile-to-have-a-baby ]
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How do you make yourself more fertile to have a baby
It is important to include certain vitamins and minerals in your diet. Try to include: vitamin C and antioxidants and zinc.

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Why do Egyptian women fall into this trap...? PART 2 -- CONTINUED?
Q: Well first of all, they are my friends and they confide in me. They are telling me the truth. I know their weaknesses, I know the norms in Egyptian society to which they are bound. I just know my friends, okay? lol, jokingI know that not just Egyptian girls fall into these traps and that Western girls have other traps they fall in, sure, I agree! But since marriage is such an important milestone in a girl's life I hate the fact that the Egyptian girls I know and whose examples I mentioned treat marriage as something that has to be done. I know. You will say that everyone has different standards in life and different outlooks on how they want to live ther life. So that makes some Egyptian women naive then? Do they have such low standards for their lives? And again, it is not a low standard to dream of getting married and having children. Low standards is when you TELL YOURSELF BY WHEN YOU HAVE TO DO IT OR ELSE YOU WILL BE THE ODD ONE OUT. When you cannot live your life the way you want it because of what other people will say. I know it is the society's fault that (some) Egyptian women follow this naive road, I just wish I could change it. I wish I could tell them to do things when they want to do them, without worrying what people will say behind their backs. If you want to have a baby at 30, so be it. Do not care about the neighbours and if they think you're not fertile. If I wanted to please my Egyptian friends and family (who I love dearly by the way but I choose to live my OWN life), I should have already have at least 2 kids by now.I am sorry I made this SO SO long but I needed to get my messages across. Again, I do not hate on Egyptian women, I do not think that because I am a Western woman that I am better or anything (we have our hang-ups too! sure) To the people that might get offended by this question, I apologise and I have to say that it was not done intentionally. To the people who had read this far, congratulations, you are patient!! To the people who post comments just for points, congratulations, you need a life! To the people who want to be my fan, go ahead and be one!! (KIDDING!)Last but not least, sorry that this was more like an article and less like a question, I wish I could have made it shorter but I know my Egyptian people over here will do it justice and address it accordingly (that is, with respect) Cannot wait to hear all your answers, God bless Egypt! <3To the people who take it personally, please do not. I know in my first part people said about women in the US having babies young and which is better to have babies young or whatever. First of all:a) I am not from the USAb) Address the question, do not twist it around and answer what you want to answer, please! If someone asks me the bad things about being a Western woman I will admit to them and not say that the Arabic women do this and that and that they are worse than us. Please, if you cannot answer objectively, please do not answer! We are making a conversation, we are not accusing each other here! Open your minds a little, face the truth!I know some Western people will at least accept the fact that being sexually active and having babies while they are teenagers is very bad for the western society. But from what I can see, most of the people that answered here took it personally. I did not attack women and Egyptian Wolf, the examples I gave were not of illiterate women, one of my friend's is an architect for God's sakes! Who said that to do what society expects of you to do and not being free has ANYTHING to do with being illiterate? Of course, not all women are like that. I did not publish a statistic where all Egyptian women do this!! But the xamples I gave, well, they all fell into this trap and they all finished college and they all live in respectable neighbourhoods. And even if the neighborhoods do not talk behind their backs, the girl will go crazy because she knows if she does not have a baby before age 30, people will start to wonder. Come on, do not tell me that it is not true!All women are free in theory but in practice it is quite different. If I want to follow my career and not have a baby until I am 35, people will not start talking as much as they would talk if I was in Egypt. Again, I have nothing personal with Egypt or Egyptians. It makes me mad when people are blind and hide behind the masks of their so-called freedom and free will. What free will? Tell me, have you seen many women aed 30 and more who found it easy to get married? My husband's cousin was 28 and was just able to get married. Society, every society, Western or Estern has some unwritten rules that are being passed down to every generation. For Western women, (and for people who so anxiously want to know) these rules are all bout skin-bearing and sexual freedom, which I do not condone. But I will admit to it, AT LEAST! Why does the Arabic community not own up to its mistakes just as the Western community (which I represent) owns up to its mistakes? I expected more from you, people.
A: Well since this is some sort of a chat rather than a question, we can have a talk about it. I like how objective you are discussing this topic and i myself would like to get engaged in this topic with someone who sees things with a broad mind.The thing is, Arabic and Egyptian girls are brought up according to culture, religion and tradition that there shouldn't be any type of extramarital relationships whether sexual or emotional. Even if a girl breaks the rules its usually behind her parents back and this relationship isn't publicized for instance if she goes out with the guy on a date usually she is always in fear of getting caught or spotted by any acquaintances. That applies for teenagers as well as grownup independent single women. So subconsciously girls have in mind that the only legal way for being emotionally and sexually satisfied and have children is by getting married. That's why marriage for arabic and egyptian women is a big issue and a main concern because they were brought up that this is the only legitimate way for there emotional, sexual and maternal needs.The thing is that this legitimate thing of getting married in the arab world especially egypt is really hard. After parents approval It is very costy because the guy has to pay dowry for the girl's parents, he has to buy her an expensive gold or diamond present called "shabka" he has to own an apartment, throw her a fancy wedding party, Buy furniture etc etc. Actually he has to have a bulk of money to be able to get married. Honestly the economical conditions in egypt isn't that prosperous with the prices and the salaries and there isn't a lot of guys around who are able to get married especially when the parents are usually very very picky. so girls who are highly educated, well bred with high social or economical status can't easily find a suitable suitor.Bearing in mind that there is a time limit. from 20 to 30 as arab men prefer young women the younger the better, he could be 50 yrs old bachelor and looks for a 25 yrs old bride if you told him a 35 yrs old girl is more suitable he would go like no she is old and not fertile anymore. So with not much suitable suitors the girls has 2 optionsremain a spinster with all her unfulfilled needs at least having a baby or just get married to any suitable or less than suitable just because she has too instead of being over 30 growing old and ending up a spinster with no children and no satisfied needs perhaps even a virginActually you should pity them for the pressure they are facing the 2 options are hard. Whatever way they choose they might end up suffering

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