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Does hot water help reduce acne

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To reduce acne overnight, add 4 tbsp. of turmeric powder to 4 tbsp. of raw honey and 1 tbsp. of milk in a clean bowl and stir until the mixture turns into a paste. Add more turmeric powder if needed. Put the mixture in your fridge to cool...More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-hot-water-help-reduce-acne ]
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Does hot, warm, or cold water help best when i'm washing my face ...?
Well cold closes the pores so it's not doing much except getting the oils off the surface. You should wash your face wit a warm, almost hot water. You don't want to burn your face but you do want it to be hot enough to open the pores. Twice...

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Will rinsing my face with cold water after washing it help reduce acne?
Q: I've heard that hot water opens pores and cold water closes them. So if wash my face with hot water, wash it off with hot water, and rinse with cold help reduce the acne? Since i'd be opening the pours, rinsing out the pours then closing them? oh and do you know a good product that reduces acne? i've tried everything.. well not quite but still.
A: Acne is a skin condition that occurs due to the overproduction of oil by the oil glands of the skin.First of all avoid oil related foods specially deep fried, cheese , cream & butter etc. You can have these once in a week in small quantities.Don't apply any cosmetics, face cream,or lotions. These things will only increase your acne.Never touch or try to pinch your acne.Always wash your face with fresh chill water. Don't apply soap instead use rose water .During night before sleep, wash your face with water and apply pure sandal powder (about 2-3tbsp.)mixed with little water on your whole face & allow to dry it. Next day wash your face with chill water. Repeat this every night. It will definitely reduce the acne & also help you from sweat problem.Tips: Reduce oily foods and have fresh vegetable salads, sprouts etc.& drink lots of chill water instead of room temperature water.Good Luck.
someone PLEASEEE help me get rid of this stupid freaking cyst acne pimple thing before I kill myself!!!!!?
Q: Okay so obviously the title is a little exaderated lol..... butFor people that have had cyst acne or really know about it - you will/should understand my frustration hereAnd for people that have no acne, or just those little tiny pimples (idc how many u have) - you obviously won't understand my situation here and you have no freaking idea how lucky you are to not have this. So my mom tells me it's genes....I'm thinkin it's true because I have only seen one other person with this kind of devlish acne in my whole school. The other day the crease of my nose was a little sore and so I knew one of those stupid things were coming.....and I ran out of obagi face wash so I just decided to use my spare proactiv wash...well...I thought it'd be okayyy for just one night but little did I know...The next morning I woke up with a cyst acne pimple the size of a really big pea...I had a sore spot on the other side of my nose, two on my chin, one on my forehead, and one on my nose...and I had more little pimples on my forehead, and I had like rash looking pimples along my jaw/cheek (I never ever ever get them there) I absolutely hate proactiv I'm so upset that I went and did that. well....I tried to put hot water over and over and over on this humongous pimple and it got a whitehead the size of a needle point and then it just like...went away. I tried to use q-tips on it that mehtod thingy u know...and I think I made it worse. It is now burning and stinging so ungodly I wanna cry. I hate this so much!!! Can someone please tell me anything besides products because I don't trust any of them and I am 14 so I can't run out to the store right now and stuffAnd I know there is absolutely no such thing as making a pimple disappear overnight but is there any way I can reduce quite a bit? Have any of you tried something if u have ever had this and did it work? Sorry....I'm just really tired of this kind of acne.....
A: There are two things you can do in this situation. You can go buy more drugstore products, which you dont want to do, or you can go to your local dermatologist. Going to a dermatologist would be a very good thing to do. A dermatologist can prescribe an acne medicine for you, that will be specifically made to help your kind of acne. They can also give you a cortizone shot, which will decrease the size of your cyst, and help it disappear and heal faster. From a dermatologist you can also get an oral medicine called Istretinoin, this will kill the bacteria that is causing your cysts. If you don't want to/don't have time to go the dermatologist, then buy: Clearasil Ultra Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream:http://www.clearasil.us/creams/creams_ultra_rapid_action.shtmlThis is a very strong treatment cream, and beacsue it has mostly benzoyl peroxide in it, it will kill bacteria that is causing your cyst deep beneath the skin.Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment:http://www.drugstore.com/qxp16553_333181_sespider/neutrogena_on_the_spot/acne_treatment_vanishing_formula.htm Once your cyst is gone try:Burts Bees Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Gel Cleanser:http://www.walgreens.com/store/catalog/Acne/natural-ACNE-SOLUTIONS-Purifying-Gel-Cleanser/ID=prod5874948&navCount=1&navAction=push-product?V=G&ec=frgl_498005&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=sku5873815This product will keep your pores clear of bacteria. DDF Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads:http://www.ddfskincare.com/p-32-ddf-glycolic-5-daily-cleansing-pads-56-pads.aspxYou should use theese every other day, to keep your pores from getting clogged. I hope this helps!
How can I get rid of bumps/rash condition?
Q: I recently got a rash from a metal necklace. The necklace made the back of my neck and around my upper chest get all bumpy. It is covered in little bumps. I was wondering what I should do to reduce it or make it go away. I have a acne pads but should I use them because it is not acne? Also when I shower should I use hot or cool water and should I scrub the bumps at all? I really want it go away, it's so obvious and hideous. Please email me if you need details to help. Any help is greatly appreciated!
A: A cortizone cream is probably your best bet. My favorite is Corticool because it's a gel that quickly drys and doesn't leave that greasy feeling that others do. If it doesn't get better within a day or two, time to go to the doctor.

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