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Does Centrum help your hair growth

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Yes, centrum vitamin is good for hair loss. Besides that also zinc and biotin are particular good for hair loss. It is also important to shampoo hair, but you must be aware not to shampoo it too much. Thanks for using ChaCha!!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-centrum-help-your-hair-growth ]
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Does Centrum Multivitamin Help Hair Growth?
Get an over-the-counter prenatal vitamin... it will work better. Even if you're not pregnant or trying to conceive it's still a better vitamin than Centrum, Centrum has a lot of fillers... I've been taking prenatal vitamins for about 10 mon...
How Centrum tablet helps Hair growth...? Is it really helpful...??
Any sort of conditioner or oil touching the roots of hair will CLOG THE PORES UP and risk damaging and thinning hair. Massage your hair gently every day, brush it for 100 times with an anti-static comb. Unfortunately the pills wont work tha...
Can my hair growth faster by taking centrum?
sorry..but you got it all wrong. first off, don't take any pills or stuff like that because they make matters worse. i have a suggestion though. eating healthy of course such as drinking plenty of water and getting enough protein will help ...

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