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Can you get acne a week after conception

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A recent study conducted by dermatologist Alan Shalita, MD, confirmed that nearly half of all women experience acne --MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-acne-a-week-after-conception ]
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Can you get acne a week after conception
A recent study conducted by dermatologist Alan Shalita, MD, confirmed that nearly half of all women experience acne --MORE?

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Pregnancy symptoms after one week, is it possible?
Q: I was taking Tri cycle orto Lo for the second month, but i was giving me a lot of acne, so i stopped within the 10th pill cause i was afraid to have a serious skin problem back. Then, in the next period, I'll request the doctor for another pills, if I'm not pregnant. Then, my period came (i don't remember, but i think we had sex without condom DURING MY PERIOD) and by October 30th or 31st, my period was gone. My husband and I had sex on November 1st. We started without condom, but then, we used it, so we could finish. I know that the conception can happen like that too. Since then, we've just used condoms. But from last Thursday or Friday, I've been feeling my breasts sensible and hurting. I thought it could be because it's the first time in 18 months that I'm not taking any birth control pills. I always get too worried about pregnancy possibilities, so i thought it could be psychological either. But do you think I can really be feeling the symptoms too soon? I know if we do the pharmacy test too soon, it doesn't work. And I have felt an uncomfortable pain in my low ab, on the right side. I was worse in the past 2 days, but it's almost gone. Can it be just gas or is a pregnancy symptom too?Anyway, will a blood test tell me right now or it's too early for it as well?
A: hello :) There is prob a very good chance that you're not pregnant. simply because you said that you had unprotected full sex while on your period and most women will ovulate (you can only get pregnant in the few days you ovulate) 14 days after their period. but it is possible if youre one of the few who ovulate differently.I have been there and thought i could have been pregnant soon after my second baby but it turned out to be all in my head. I think it can be easy to convince yourself sometimes, and together with the fact that you've come off the contraceptive pill- its well known to cause lots of side effects if youve been on it for longer than 12 months.a blood test will confirm a pregnancy 8-10 days after ovulation.hope i could help. all the best :)
is acne a sign of pregnancy?
Q: I heard that it is, but if so.. how soon after conception do you get it (if at all) ? I had unprotected sex exactly 1 week ago and yesterday, I noticed 2 huge pimples on my face.. and a smaller one and even on near my forehead and 1 under my chin and another one on my chest, wtf? The big ones hurt!!I NEVER have a break out like this. Once in awhile, I can get one.. But not so many at once. My period is not due until Nov 12th. Does anyone know? I am not sure if it's way too early or not..Thanks
A: It's a sign or either hormonal imbalance or the presence of the pregnant hormone which is known as progesterone. So it’s safe to say just because you’re breaking out doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant. Could be stress!
Zits, hormones, birth control...pregnancy?
Q: My acne is an almost no-fail predictor of when my period's coming: I get those really huge zits you can't pop if you try one week before starting. Last month, I was 2 days late, but so were the zits--that's how accurate they've been.This month, however, they're a week early.I've heard that hormones affect sebaceous glands and that water retention might lead to smaller pores, and I suspect given the types of zits and the fact that cleansers and medicines have no effect that time of month on those suckers, that it's more likely the smaller pore theory than extra oil.I went off the patch 4 months ago. Is it probably just my cycle getting back to its regular loopiness, or is there reason to believe, given the way hormones fluctuate after conception, that this could mean more?PS I KNOW I could go to the doctor. I want to hear others' experience and informed opinions before I take that step.
A: stress could be a huge fact! relax a little

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