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Will it show that you are pregnant on your drug test

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It shouldn't show up on a drug test if you are pregnant. Pregnancy is not one of the things they test for when drug testing. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-it-show-that-you-are-pregnant-on-your-drug-test ]
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Will it show that you are pregnant on your drug test
It shouldn't show up on a drug test if you are pregnant. Pregnancy is not one of the things they test for when drug testing.
Will being pregnant show on your drug test?
No. The marker for pregnancy is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or HCG. It has to be tested for specifically. You can go two ways here. If the doctor's doing a pregnancy test on her EMIT machine, she'll tell the machine to look for pot, opiat...
Does pregnancy show up in a drug test ?
I hope so so you dont get the job. Thats really sad. Quit doing drugs and THEN look for a job. You dont deserve the job if you do drugs. You'll just screw them over in the end.

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Will HCG show up as anything questionable on a drug test?
Q: The newest weight loss method out there is using daily injections of 125 IU of HCG (a very small amount of a hormone that women naturally produce while pregnant) and I just wondered if that could be any cause for a questionable drug test or endanger your job. It does not cause any type of euphoria, make you high, alter your perception/senses where you cannot drive or anything - so I wondered. Thanks for anyone who has any knowledge (rather than guesses) on this. God bless you and have a great day.
A: not a chance. drug tests look for controlled substances and/or scheduled drugs when applicable. they do not arbitrarily look for random levels of prescription drugs, the cost would be astronomical.HCG for weight loss is nothing new or revolutionary. bodybuilders have been using it for decades to jump start endogenous testosterone production after steroid cycles. HCG was also used specifically for weight loss back in the 70's, with disastrous results once the mainstream public got wind. messing with your endocrine system is no joke, it is not for the layman.
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Q: let me try to explain its a long story... my mother in law has a tendency to be happy with you one moment and then bam she goes mental she is divorced and has been for17 years and since then she developed diabetes and had 2 strokes she has had part of both feet removed from diabetes,ok 1 day my husband and i went out of town overnight and she was watching my dog and cat for us since she has 2 dogs already and she was the one to suggest she could watch them i wanted to take them with me but i trusted her,the next day as we were coming back into town she called we didnt pick up the phone when she called cause we were running a little late and she called like 2 times left no voice mail then call us a 3rd time saying im calling animal control on you,just me not my husband and she was like you will never see your animals again so on and so forward and when we pull into town like 30 min later we went buy her house and she barricaded herself in her house we were living with her at the time when she did this she wouldn't open the door i called her ex husband my father in law he told me this is how she is shes nice but if her mind gets the better of her she will go mental that is why they divorced was how she acted and he told me to call the cops since we paid rent there i did and once i did i knocked on the door and i told her i called the cops and they would be there in a minute to keep the peace she said ide rather your animals be dead than you get them back,so i called my mom to have her as a witness when the cops showed up my mom recorded everything she said then my mother in law proceeded to say ill tell them you do drugs she said she had a pipe for pot i guess and shes like ill have you arrested i was like haha ill do a drug test im clean,then cause i laughed my mom was still on the phone recording she stepped out of her house grabbed my arm and tightly where left red marks and pushed me i told my mom what was going on as she was doing it then she hobbled back inside said get off my lawn you little bitch... cops still werent there i called them again at her front door she slammed open the door while on phone now with the cops she literally threw my dachshund chihuahua mix dog that weighs 5 pounds on her concrete he didnt land on his feet i told the cops she threw him they were like someone will be there asap for technically abusing them and stayed on with the operator i said may i have my cat too i was like she does not like anyone but me she wont come to you will you let me get her she was like no i will i was like ok fine then she came back to door said i cant get her come get her your damn self so the operator said get your cat and leave cops will be there asap and we disconnected,then i called my mom to keep recording then i went in her house to get my cat and she proceeded to charge at me and kept trying to push me and grab me i just got my cat and left.i was always taught to respect my elders i did not yell at her 1 time i will swear on my life but she left me with red marks and i didnt want to press any charges cause i would have felt like the worst person ever so i did not when the cops showed up i said do not worry about it i got my animals that is all i wanted they saw my marks asked if i wanted charges filed i said no they said ok.i called my husband let him know i got the animals he then called his mom and she said we cant live there anymore which i knew she was gonna do that that is why i did not want him involved so we could at least get the stuff out of her house since she did not want me on her property which i respected i did not go anywhere near her house i was always 15 miles away.this all happened in November now its July of the next year i found out i was pregnant and i do not want my child to go anywhere near her cause she is getting worse my husband goes over there like 1 time every week or so to do her yard work and stuff to help her out well every time he leaves she calls tells him to come back she lonely and she wants him to move in with her not me and im his wife he got to the point where he does not answer the phone when she does that and she calls 50+ times in a row all times leaving a message,she has lost all of her friends because she treated them the same way she treated me. if my husband does not pick up the phone she calls my cell and does the same thing i turn it off cause im not an answering service for her and since i believe she owes me an apology. well today she did it again we kept where we were living from her cause i did not want her knowing where i live i do not trust her she just showed up at my apartment banging on my door yelling (my name is on the apartment not my husbands cause if she ever did it i wanted to be able to call the police and not have my husband involved so that he will still be on ok terms with his mom when she turns sane again)anyways when he opened the door she started yelling about the fight between me and her he said that is between you 2 im t
A: You need to have your husband and FIL file the Baker Act on your MIL. She is sick and cannot handle her own affairs... she needs to be institutionalized where she can get help 24-7. Call senior services and tell them what is going on and find out how to go about getting her where she can get real help.In the meantime, save tape recordings of all the phone messages your MIL leaves, and gather any other evidence you can. Perhaps even interview her former friends on video. Talk to the police and see if you can get a copy of the file they are probably keeping on the whole thing. You are building a case and need all the testimony and evidence.Next time your husband is over there, he needs to look at the prescription bottles she has and contact her doctors to have her brought in and evaluated in regards to her condition... the idea is to get the necessary documentation from at least one doctor to get her put into a home where she can be looked after. She clearly has dementia and must be medically evaluated and documented. After getting her put into a home, your husband is staring at having to liquidate her estate to support her continued supervised care. You need to stay out of your MIL's orbit unless you have a tape recorder going. You can't trust her because she is demented and psychotic. Don't ever expect an apology from her... chances are she doesn't remember what happened. This is only going to get worse until your husband takes the steps to get her into some kind of nursing home.

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