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Why do pregnant women vomit

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Its due to the HCG in there system just a side effect of pregnancy. Thanks ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-pregnant-women-vomit ]
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Do all pregnant women vomit?
Morning sickness is very common, but not universal.
Why do pregnant women vomit regularly.?
Some women do get morning sickness during their pregnancy. It's more common in the first trimester, but with my first pregnancy I had it all through out. It was horrible. Some women are lucky and do not get morning sickness at all. How ever...
Where do the other pregnant women vomit?
i puked in a box of cheez-its beceause it was the closest thing to me at the time ha i was kinda upset tho because it wasnt an empty box

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why do women vomit while pregnant?
Q: okay so i just asked myself today while i was vomiting, why do we throw up when were pregnant, just wondering thanks no rude comments .
A: horomone levels are CRAZY insane while you're pregnant. haha thats why. Luckily I never actually got sick, just felt sick.
Why do women usually vomit when pregnant?
A: Because of the changes in their hormone levels.
why does a pregnant woman vomit ?? and how long this vomitting continues ??
A: Some women get morning sickness due to hormones. For most women it diminishes by around 12 weeks. For others, like my best friend, it never goes away and they're sick the entire pregnancy. For others, like me, it never starts. Good luck.

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