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Why do pregnant women get such bad headaches

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An increase in headaches during the first trimester of preganancy is believed to be caused by the surge of hormones along...MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-pregnant-women-get-such-bad-headaches ]
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Why do pregnant women get such bad headaches
An increase in headaches during the first trimester of preganancy is believed to be caused by the surge of hormones along...MORE

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your pregnancy complaints? or you like being pregnant?
Q: ust wondering what any of you all want to complain about as far as being pregnant? and how far along you are? i have a cousin that LOVES being pregnant! i don't know how. i am starting to rack up on complaints! 1st trimester i was just tired all the time & moody. 2nd trimester i felt great, had plenty of energy & was in such a better mood! but this last part.. i am close to 30 wks and i am starting to get miserable! i feel like a pig! i don't crave certain things, just everything i hear or if someone mentions it i want it lol. very bad with sweets. and being starved at like 4am a lot! i've always had a fear of being overweight & i have no idea what i should weigh now. but that is the least of my worries. my back hurts most of the time. i am sooo tired of peeing. it's very hard to even grocery shop b/c every time i stand up it's just sooo much pressure on my bladder. it is sooo miserable! if i have to pee a little i feel like i haven't got to go for a week! i am constipated like all the time! i miss taking hot baths & sleeping on my stomach. i wish i could take something like advil for a headache b/c tylenols DO NOT EVER WORK!! i have trouble sleeping. now i am getting heart burn a lot really bad! i can't wait to get my hair highlighted soon! i am getting TIRED a lot again and feeling lazy. not to mention i am very moody. one min. i am okay, then i'm sooo crabby, when i am not in the mood to just cry all day long. i have been feeling really depressed on/off. i am bored and cannot wait till my baby gets here. i feel like there is nothing really to do but to go shopping. movie theaters are rough b/c my back hurting so bad! and having to pee a lot! i get headaches off/on mainly in the middle of the night! i am really missing my old clothes i can't fit in now! i feel like i wear the same clothes all the time :( right now i am to the point where as bad as i wanted to be pregnant i hate to even see a HPT commercial on TV right now LOL. it's definitely harder to get around now as i am feeling the extra weight in my belly hehe.i know not much longer! it's moving quick, but at the same time it is dragging. less than 3 weeks till my next 4D ultrasound! can't wait! it's been a long journey but an amazing experience and it will all be worth it. i plan on having another baby in 3 years or so. i know women do this all the time. but it's not exactly a picnic. i know why they said last trimester is worst! i'm sure once i lay eyes on my son i'll forget all about this stuff going on now. i think i am just anxious for him to get here and getting frustrated with this waiting! and hormones are going crazy i guess! so just wanted to know if anyone else is in the same boat feeling like complaining & just venting i guess. men do not seem to understand! they think they do lol. i mean my hubby has been right there by my side and puts up with my griping about everything. i give him that... but they get the easy part of having kids ;)
A: so far I can only complain about water retention (some days is HELL)cravings that are BAD (chocolate chip cookies, desserts, tortas)heartburnback painI hate sleeping on my left sideI'm 20 pounds heavier I'm clumsymy boobs are itchyi have to pee very oftenI only love being pregnant because I'm being spoiled by my family.
Experienced women please help... so many questions?
Q: I NEED HELP!! Okay, here's my situation.I'm 11 days late on my period (almost 12) and I've been having bad cramps, like I think I'm about to start my period, but nothing. I'm having lots of white discharge. Doesn't smell, isn't sticky... It's more milky then anything. I've been soo tired, moody, and I was feeling very sick anytime I'd try to eat or even when I would think about eating but now I'm eating everything I can get my hands on lol. Boobs are swollen and nipples are VERY tender. Dull lower back pain that just never seems to go away. Headaches. And so on. Hubby and I are ttc and had unprotected sex the day I was most fertile in all of April. That was April 25th. I had brown spotting ONE TIME about a week or so after that... Since then, I have had no blood at all. Just lots of different symptoms. I've taken a couple different pregnancy tests and have gotten a VERY faint pink line on all of them... I went to the dr. and the blood results came back as BORDERLINE which makes me SO MAD!! WHY can't I just get an answer?? I guess my main overall question is, does it any of this sound normal to you? Everyone I know keeps telling me "time will tell" but that is the furthest thing from comforting. I'm sure you all agree. The wait is hell! I'm thinking that the spotting I had was implantation bleeding, so I would be like 2 weeks pregnant, wouldn't I? Maybe that's why I'm getting such a faint positive, and couldn't get an answer from the blood test? Is it just too soon? GRRRR! It's all so confusing to me... I need some answers! Please shed some light on this for me.ANY answers are appreciated... Best of luck to all of you TTC! **BABY DUST**Oh and if it helps at all my last period was April 10th. I was supposed to get my period May 8th. And I like I said if I am pregnant I think I would have gotten preg April 25th. Thank you!!
A: well it sounds to me that u are pregnant and that u just don't have enough hsg (the pregnancy hormone) in ur system yet. every woman is different, I have heard of women who were like 3 months preggo and never got a +ive on a hpt so I dunno. I would suggest seeing a different doctor if the one u have can't give u any answers.. and ya I think that maybe what u had was impl bleeding, although impl bleeding is usually a pinkish color. so I guess thebest thing to do is just wait a few more days and i guess pretty much everyone is right I know u prolly don't want to hear but just give it some time... it maybe that u were preggo and possibly going to miscarry since ur levels are so low. but I'm not sure... best of luck to u!!! and I hopeu find some ansers and know for sure really soon!!
Is my body imaging a pregnancy?
Q: Ok I have lots of heath issues, my body is kind of screwed. I have anorexia nervosa and have been to very low weights but as of recently have been recovering. I've increased my caloric intake from 150 to 500 to 700 to 1000. I have gained 8 pounds in the last two months from 87 to 95. I also have very low blood pressure, sodium deficiency, potassium deficiency, and I know I don't sleep enough (average 4 hours a night when I do sleep, tend to pull 2-3 all nighters a week for school), I drink a lot of caffiene (coffee or red bull 3-4 times a day) and have real bad stress, anxiety, and OCD. I have arthritis, constipation, the sex disease gonorrhea in my butt. Also, about a week ago I cleaned my entire apartment with a strong insecticide to get rid of clothes moths.Recently I have been showing all signs of pregnancy and its been freaking me out a lot. My breasts extremely chapped/swollen/painful (even a small clear liquid came out of one when i squeezed), and they have doubled in size. I have been gaining weight in my stomach and thighs. I have skipped my period (I used to not have periods, I started getting them again in late August when I began my eating disorder recovery) but I am bleeding down there, its normal blood not menstrual blood. I have been having morning sickness which is the most stereotypical pregnancy symptom. I have to go pee every 10-15 minutes. I have been having fatigue, headaches, back aches, just feel weird in my belly. HOWEVERI have taken FIVE pregnancy tests that have come up negative. I have read about women wanting to be pregnant and tricking their body into thinking it... this cannot be true for me, I am 19 and def dont want to be pregnant right now, and I never even think about such a thing until this happened!My doctor has cancelled two appointments I don't know why? Maybe something is come up in her personal life or something? My appointments with her have been delayed twice. Five negative pregnancy tests... what is going on with me? Do you think my body is tricked into thinking it is pregnant? Why? PLEASE HELP.
A: i've totally done this myself. Actually i''m sorta doing it again right now. i am 21 and would assume die to pregnancy. I think you CAN trick your body into acting a certain way, unconsciously of course.All the signs you listed are symptoms of pregnancy, but there are lots of other causes as well. Mainly, those are all related to hormone fluctuations. I'm not sure if you're on the pill but that could definitely be a cause. Even if you aren't, you could still get these symptoms throughout the month or as a result of pms. You've taken 5 tests that all came back negative. I wouldn't freak just yet. Still go to the doctor as soon as you can get an appointment, but until then... just dont worry about it.Good luckkk! feel free to add me or im me anytime =]

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