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Why cant pregnant women ride rides

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Pregnant women can't ride amusement park rides because it could instigate premature labor, harm the baby, or tear the placenta. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-cant-pregnant-women-ride-rides ]
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Can pregnant women ride bicycles?
It is beneficial to exercise while pregnant. You don't want to be starting out on your first bike ride when you are pregnant, but if you have been cycling before your pregnancy and you don't lose your sense of balance the way some pregnant ...
Should pregnant women go on rides / rollercosters?
There is a reason they have signs telling pregnant women that they should not ride the rides. The rides could possibly induce labor, so they should be avoided. The sign is to protect the fairs from lawsuits that come from pregnant women goi...
What rides can pregnant women ride at Alton Towers?
You need to wait until next year. There is no amusement ride in existence that does not advise pregnant women not to ride, even the carousels (merry-go-rounds) and if you try, you will get turned away. It's just too risky especially this ea...

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why cant pregnant women ride roller coasters?
Q: how can it cause a miscarriage? what does it do?
A: Because it's high G forces. Jumping, running, falling, getting hit in the stomach, being involved in a car accident, being in a high-performance car under heavy accelleration, etc. Basically anything like that endangers the baby. It's a baby. It isn't strong.
Why cant pregnant women go on rides at theme parks?
Q: I was at a waterpark and saw a sign for no pregnant women to go down the slides...but ive seen those signs everywhere on rides like rollercoasters. Why cant they go on them? What happens to the baby?
A: I don't know if they would absolutely forbid you if you tried to get on, but it's just a general precaution because if a pregnant woman slipped or otherwise injured herself she would also be putting the baby at possible risk. Anything that jars you really hard could hurt the baby or disturb the placenta which is the lifeline.Also, when pregnant a woman's balance is a little off and she's not as coordinated. I tend to drop things a lot and be a little clumsier so it's OK to just play it a little safer.
Pregnant... Why cant I ???? I need reasons people lol?
Q: I've read answers on here saying that you should not ride on roller coasters when pregnant. Can anyone actually tell me the reasons why?I have been on lots of roller coasters while not pregnant and i have also been securly fasened in , not being thrown around or anything, so there is no damage being done to my body at all, so how could that harm something inside my stomach, i just dont get it?I have heard that some pregnant women cant ride coasters because the restraints are not the right size, but what about the women who are not big yet. Im only 3 months and definietly not showing. I would just like to know if anyone has a definite scientific reason as to why pregnant women can go on a rollercoaster?BTW i am not planning on going on a rollercpaster i dont live near any, i just want to know why because it seems as though we as women are given a huge amount of things we cannot do during pregnancy, sometimes they just sound crazy, granted the rollercoaster thing i can understand but a lot of these things seem crazy. I have decided to do what i want within reason, if i want to have my hair dyed i will, or if i want to go get a spray tan i will, or eat cookie dough then i will too. I am not a bad person because of this i am just reasonable about it all and dont thinkn confining myself to being miserable is good for a babys health either
A: While it may not feel like your being thrown around or anything, the g-force produced could harm your baby. As far as I understand it, there haven't been any scientific studies done on this (because how cruel would it be to ask a bunch of pregnant women to do something potentially risky and then see how many of them have miscarriages or damage).However, amusement parks don't want you on those sorts of rides because something "could" happen, and then you "could" sue them. It's about liability on the part of the park in a situation that "could" be risky.Honestly, I'd be more concerned about the potential for a sudden stop, because even though you don't get thrown around a lot or often, I have been on a coaster that stopped suddenly and I got thrown against the bar. This wasn't a big deal because I wasn't pregnant, but it would definitely impact my uterus at this point.I hear you, though. We're going to Anaheim in a week and I REALLY want to ride the coasters (I have actually lost weight with the pregnancy and at 17 weeks am no more visible than you) but I've decided that skipping the coasters this year won't kill me. I had a miscarriage last fall (the baby didn't form properly, not because of risky behavoir) and I will admit to being perhaps a bit more cautious with this pregnancy because I never want to go through that again. I will say that after miscarrying all you want is a reason and even if it's an irrational or unlikely reason, you want someone to blame and you (I) will often lash inwards rather than outwards. At the end of the day, though, you have to decide which risks are worth taking and which aren't. I decided eating raw cookie dough was a risk I was willing to live with, as was continuing to dye my hair, but others think I'm criminally negligent for that. We all have our own levels of what constitutes "safe" and what's "overcautious."

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