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Where does the umbilical cord come from

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The umbilical cord develops inside a woman's body when she is pregnant. It is attached to the naval of the baby . [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-does-the-umbilical-cord-come-from ]
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Where Does An Umbilical Cord Come From?
The umbilical cord develops inside a woman's body when she is pregnant. It is attached to the naval of the baby.
Does the umbilical cord just come out of the woman or does it get...?
The umbilical cord is connected to the placenta(inside the uterus). After the baby is delivered, the placenta is delivered.
Where is the umbilical cord?
There is the placenta which can attach anywhere inside your uterus, Then the bag is attached to the placenta so if this helps you with visuals, imagine that there the bag and then the placenta is like a big plug which is attached to the ute...

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28 wks pregnant with a cyst where umbilical cord connects to Placenta?
Q: I had a 28wk doctors appt w/ an ultrasound today. They said there was a 2 x 1 1/2 cm cyst where the umbilical cord attaches to the placenta. They are sending me to another hospital next week to have another ultrasound done b/c they aren't sure what the significance is. The baby is growing perfect and the heartrate is great. Has anyone ever had this happen to them during a pregnancy? If so, what was the cause and what do they do if anything? Can any complications come from it?
A: sorry seems nobody understands some medical words! so we can't help you..i know it is frustrating not to get answers here!!don't worry
How would you cut the umbilical cord from a snapping turtle or do you just leave it be.please someone help.?
Q: Where my husband works the snapping turtles will lie their eggs in the piles of dirt or rocks. my husband would load them into a dump truck. well now he looks out for them and brings them home. we hatch them and when they are big enough we take them back to his work and let them go by the river. this year i met someone that cares for them till they are big enough to take care if them self. right now they are so tiny. Today when i came home from work i looked in on them. and sure enough we have our first baby. but the umbilcal cord is still on it. and i dont remember if we just left it or what. can someone please help me.then what do you call the sack on the turtles belly???Thank you for helping me. I had called around and asked everyone that i knew that would have been able to help me. my husband or myself could not remember what happened the last time we did this. we didnt keep notes we didnt think we were going to find any eggs again. this year we have been keeping a notebook. and taking pictures. thank you again
A: If you're talking about where they're connected to the yolk sack, let them be. They will absorb the rest of the yolk and anything left will fall off on it's own. But usually they don't come out of the egg until the yolk is completely absorbed. Like snakes, they may cut the egg open a day or two before they actually come out of it. You're not removing them from the egg when they cut it open, are you? Let them come out on their own. It's definitely beneficial for them to absorb all of the yolk sack, rather than cutting it off. And you may or may not already know that turtles eggs should never be turned over. When found, you should mark the top with a pencil. If turned, the baby may very well die in the egg.
Does anyone actually read where breakthoughs are coming from in Stem Cell Research?
Q: There was a question earlier about what breakthroughs have come from Stem Cell Research. It got the usual Religious Right" bashing.One guy CK4829 posted a link. "Woman walks after 20 years paralyzed, due to Stem Cell Treatment". So I went to the link http://www.redorbit.com/news/display/?id.Surprised to find it was thru the use of UMBILICAL CORD Stem Cells!!!!! NO FETUS USED. They go on to say most if not all treatments have come from adult stem cells, or Umbilical Cord.So why do we need to use Fetus, when the other options work better?????Sorry, misused the word Fetus. Should have been Embryo...
A: We need to use all the options we can...these fetuses they are talking about using are currently being thrown away. People are going to get abortions regardless, why not try to get something positive out of it?

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