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When your pregnant does your urine have a funny smell

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The pregnancy hormone may make your urine smell different, but other factors can cause this as well. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-your-pregnant-does-your-urine-have-a-funny-smell ]
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Why does your urine smell funny when you are pregnant?
Possibly from liquid that you have been drinking. I don't think it has too much to do with pregnancy. ChaCha again?
When your pregnant? does your urine smell funny?
yes it does, and this is my second pregnancy.
Why urine smells funny during pregnancy
What an adventure pregnancy can be! The honest truth is, until I fell pregnant with my first child I never really understood about the makeup of my body. Just reading through the books on pregnancy gave me cause for thought and I constantly...

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Did your urine smell when...this maybe a personal question to others ?
Q: Hey, as you may know I'm 2 months pregnant and i was wondering if anyone found that there urine had a funny smell. Actually a bothering smell like i know that my nose is so SUPER sensitive and i cant smell things a mile away, but is this normal or may there be something wrong that i should be looking into. Thank you for reading Guyz :)Hope you can help me
A: I believe your suggestion is one of the reasons, the heightened sense of smell in pregnancy. Also, there is a theory that women can detect the hCg hormone in their own urine. Also, your body needs a lot more water while pregnant. Your urine may be stronger because you need more water. It is a lot easier to get dehydrated while pregnant then when you're not, especially in the beginning, but really all throughout your pregnancy.

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