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When you first get pregnant, do you get sick

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For some women, the queasiness begins as early as two weeks after conception and can happen any time of day due to estrogen.ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-first-get-pregnant%2C-do-you-get-sick ]
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When do you first get sick while pregnant?
It's different for every girl but for me I would say around week 6 I started feeling very, very ill. I wasn't actually throwing up, I just felt like I was. Then by week 8-9 I was throwing up all day everyday and that lasted till about month...
Do women normally get sick when they first get pregnant??
actually everyone is different miss butterfly doesn't know what she's talking about, for me with both times being pregnant a week after Ovulation I got sick and threw up 24-7 it seemed like it and sure enought I was pregnant but sadly misca...
Why do pregnant woman get sick during their first trimester??
The hormone progesterone, which is responsible for sustaining a pregnancy, is thought to cause morning sickness. The exact cause isn't known, but some doctors believe that morning sickness is a good sign, because it means you have plenty of...

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what happens when you first get pregnant and you drink? do you get sick easily?
Q: need help with unusual pregnancy questions
A: Before I knew I was pregnant with my son I drank Vodka and orange juice and I felt sick while I was drinking it....I had a migraine too. I just didn't feel right. I was really tired and trying to have fun but the alcohol wasn't going down smoothly and this was before I even missed my period. My stomach just felt queezy!
How did you feel when you first became pregnant?
Q: I'm not sure if I'm pregnant. I'm still not suppose to get my period for about another week, so I think it's too early to test. I get these weird sensations in my stomach, it doesnt really hurt, it kind of makes me sick actually. I've been so tired, and my back hurts. I havent actually gotten sick yet, but everything i eat makes me feel sick. I feel really bloated, but its not gas or anything. How did you feel when you first got pregant, and is it possible i feel these things because im pregnant?
A: It is possible. I had similar symptoms myself. Other symptoms that someone who is pregnant may encounter are as follows: a missed period, Irritability or mood swings, nausea or vomiting, tingling or sore nipples, and frequent urination.
Any other pregnant women out there sick of all the personal questions from strangers?
Q: Im really tryng to keep smiling but Im so sick of all the questions. I work with the public so every day I hear the same thing.....When r u due?What r u having?Any names yet?Have you got the babys room ready yet?Is this your first?when r u quiting work?are u going to breastfeed?How much weight did you gain? AND THE ABSOLUTE WORST................You're very big for x weeks, are you sure youre not having twins?Seriously, whats up with that? Its like Im the first pregnant woman they've ever seen! they dont care if youre 11 months pregnant with a martian, they just feel this compulsive urge to ask personal questions.Why are pregnant woman seen to be public property? These people wouldnt dare go up to a complete stranger and ask them personal questions so why is it okay to do it to a pregnant woman? Any other pregnant women out there feel the same or is just my raging hormones making me over sensitive?
A: I asked a question like this and I got blasted for it! :) I understand completely where you're coming from.A lot of it is just people being interested or trying to make conversation. They assume you're thrilled about your pregnancy and will jump at the opportunity to talk about it... they don't realize how personal pregnancy is, because society is so "open" now. There are no boundaries when we have entire channels dedicated to sex advice.The one that really irks me is "Are you going to breastfeed? WHY and HOW does that affect the asker? What business is it of anyone else's what I intend to do with my breasts? I just find that SO personal, and a lot of people got nasty with me about it on Answers... like it's a fault to be modest about your body. A few people assumed I'm mad about an unplanned pregnancy... well, guess what? I'm thrilled to finally be pregnant, but I still am irked by the rudeness of people who wanted know "Oh, was this planned?"I don't think it's your hormones... I think it's the fact you get asked these questions multiple times a day, every day, and it irritates you. However, just smile, be pleasant, humor them, and try to remember that they're just interested... it's not necessarily a bad thing.

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