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When you are pregnant, when do you start feeling cramps

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Some women experience abdominal cramping early in pregnancy. These cramps are similar to menstrual cramps. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-are-pregnant%2C-when-do-you-start-feeling-cramps ]
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When can you start feeling cramps during pregnancy?
cramping and pregnancy don't mix - usually a bad sign. what makes you think you are pregnant anyway? you're not due for your period yet, probably ovulating though.... good luck ♥
Can you have cramps that feel like your about to start your perio...?
Some women might feel cramping as soon as seven days after they ovulate. This cramping is called implantation cramping.
Did implantation/ early pregnancy feel like period cramps were ab...?
I thought I was starting my period when I had period-like cramping and slight implantation bleeding. After a couple of days, when my period did not start, I took a pregnancy test. For me there was no distinction except I thought I was getti...

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when do you start feeling cramps when your pregnant.?
Q: ok so my sister thinks shes pregnant in fact she thinks shes one week pregnant and says its too early to get a blood test done to tell her if she is. she said shes having side affects of a cramp to her right side like shes getting her period but its not due for another week. so my question is when do you start feeling cramps when your pregnant.my sister is 24 and getting married in 3 months.
A: Well implantation alone can take up to 10 days. So if she had unprotected sex 1 week ago, she may not even technically be pregnant yet. It's different for all women. I'm not sure that she would experience any symptoms this early. However, symptoms tend to be similar to pms. I had swollen/sore breasts 1 week before my expected period. And the cramps came about 1 week after I missed my period. So I was about 4 weeks pregnant at that point. I get cramps now at 13 weeks mostly from all the muscles/tendons stretching to make room for the baby. I'm sure that goes for all women. You experience cramps around 4+ weeks. Keep in mind that some women dont even get cramps or any symptoms for a while.
How soon do you start feeling stretching when you're pregnant?
Q: In the morning when I wake up, I have pains in my abdominal region, but they don't really feel like cramps, it sort of feels like I'm stretching. I'm ten weeks pregnant. Is this normal?It doesn't hurt when I'm sitting down, only when I stand up & walk! & it is usually gone by the afternoon!
A: I had these stretching pains in my first trimester, and they pretty much disappeared after 12-13 weeks, although I did still get them occasionally in the 2nd tri. Yes, it's normal!
when do you start feeling these symptoms when your pregnant??
Q: - when dose your nipples start to hurt??- when do you start gaining weight??- when do you get food cravings ?? do you still get your period cramps when you could be pregnant??my period was suposto come today and it never later but hey anything can happen but when should i go for the preg test its only been a week and 2 days
A: my nipples started hurting at 4 weeks and at 2 weeks i got a charlie horse in my leg, and you just feel alot hungrier unless you have bad morning sickness. so the more you eat the more weight you will gainand yes you still get those period cramps but its your uterus streatching

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