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When sexually active do your periods change

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Some people report alterations in their cycle due to hormonal change, while some say it should only change if you are pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-sexually-active-do-your-periods-change ]
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Does my period change when i become sexually active??
A white thick smelly discharge sounds like a possible infection, yeast, or other std perhaps. Incorporating sex in your life brings about different physical body changes, sometimes your periods get worse and more crampy, like mine did. Some...
Can being sexually active have changes in your period??
If your period is late and you're being sexually active, you could be pregnant. Duh. Take a test if your period is late.

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Does becoming sexually active change your cycle?
Q: I recently became sexually active again after not having sex for about 10 months. In the past when i have started having sex again after long breaks I find that my period becomes more regular, but also sometimes at the beginning I have longer gaps between periods.Has anyone else had a similar situation to this? Does anyone know why this would happen?Not worried just curious.Thanks!
A: Yup...if you get preggers it will definitely change your cycle. Dysmenorea (erratic periods) can occur for any number of reasons; stress, diet, even activity level (strenuous exercise can reduce periods for some women). What you're describing and experiencing is not abnormal.
Does your period change after you start having sex?
Q: My period was very regular before and since I started having sex a month ago (I've done it 4 times so far), I just got my period but it's much heavier, my cramps are worse, like they feel like non stop sometimes. Also my period came like 30 days later when it's usually 22 days in between periods.Is this normal?Does your period change when you become sexually active?
A: Hmmm... the time between periods wouldnt really change, but I do remember that my cramps got worse too. I don't mean to be graphic, but I think it was because of the extra "pressure" pushing against my uterus while having sex. And sex really hurt a day or 2 right before my period.
when you lose weight does the time of the month you usually see your period change up!?
Q: i recently lost about 5 lbs and my period is really late.and no i know i cant b pregnant cuz am not sexually active.
A: if your really skinny then your period is delaying or skipping.because your estrogen that helps your period process is carried through fat throughout your blood. and if you dont have any or a very small amount of fat, the estrogen has trouble getting carried around your body. it's not that big of a deal. it might not even be because of the weight loss either. it could just even be one of those random months that skip.not a big deal, don't worry about it :]

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