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When pregnant do you get stomach cramps

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Cramps during pregnancy can be a signal of a problem or just another sign of a stretching and growing uterus. Contact your Dr. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-pregnant-do-you-get-stomach-cramps ]
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Am i pregnant? I get stomach cramps, tired all the time? Could i ...?
Those are symptoms for a TON of different things (i.e flu, food poisoning, etc.), pregnancy being only one of many. The only thing that can possibly tell you your answer is taking a pregnancy test.
When you first become pregnant can you get stomach cramps??
YES Yes it is perfectly normal, even for the cramps to resemble period pains.
Is it normal to get stomach cramps and diarrhea during pregnancy??
Generally these are signs of premature labor. being that early on I am not sure. If your Dr is not concerned about it than it should be fine. I got cramps during the first trimester. It was the implanting of the fertilized egg. Then from th...

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When you first become pregnant, do stomach cramps occur?
Q: I may be pregnant with my first child, and its too soon for a pregnancy test, though my period is about 2 weeks late. I am having stomach cramps, which I usually don't get them when it's that time of the month, so I was wonding if pregnancy can cause stomach cramping, or if I am just being weird...
A: sometimes when the fetus is implanting into the uterus it causes cramping and spotting making someone think that they are fixing to start, so it is highly possible that you are pregnant, i would wait a few days and take a first response test, they seem to be better at detecting early pregnancyby the way, i remember cramping a lot with my first child and spotting which made me think that i had a period, when i went to the doctor finally i received the great news that i was pregnant!
Were your stomach cramps when pregnant the same as when you were about to get your period?
Q: Did they feel the same? I feel like I might be pregnant--yes, I'm gonna take a test tomorrow. It's a little under 2 weeks post-sex for me though, so I don't know if they're just my period coming on or if I'm pregnant. But honestly, I had cramps today that were lower than my period cramps, sharper too. My lower back hurts a little bit too sometimes. The cramps were more intense. I was in class (I'm in grad school) and feeling very cramped and gassy. I swear I almost could not control it because the cramps were intense. I don't know why I felt so gassy? I haven't had that before with my period...not that bad. It just felt like there was something crazy going on down there...Sorry for the TMI for there are any innocent bystanders out there. :-)What were your cramps like when you were pregnant? Were they the same as when you were about to get your period?My period is due Saturday! But this started probably...2 days ago?I am exact opposite of you then...my period cramps are usually very very mild!
A: I felt like my period was coming BUT the the pain was much less that normal period pain. It was more like twinges and pulls that cramps. It just sounds to me like you have gas and your period is on its way. Do you know when you period is due?
did you still get really bad or faint stomach cramps when you was pregnant?
Q: just wondering if you got the same stomach cramps you get when you know you are going to have a period, i have had really bad cramps that vary from strong to mild for the last 4 days and sat night really felt like i was going to come onperiods late, negative test but cramps in stomach, i'm normally reguler as clockwork, can't remember feeling like this on my other 3 x
A: Well, slight or faint cramping durning pregnancy is normal.And sometimes it can feel like you are about to come on, but usually nothing real bad painful or severe. It might be that your are trying to come on, and its just taking your body a little bit this time. Try drinking plenty of water and make sure that you are hydrated. Dehydration will defiantely cause cramping. And if you don't start in a day or two and still a negative preg test, then I would go in and get a blood test done. It is possible that you are pregnant and are not able to get a positive on a home test yet. but in the mean time drink water and try to relax and see if that helps.

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