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When pregnant do you eat alot

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YES! Quite simply, increased appetite during pregnancy is due to your baby growing and demanding more nourishment. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-pregnant-do-you-eat-alot ]
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Should pregnant women eat alot?
I think they should eat as much as they want but as long as it's healthy for the baby! I have a daughter that's bout to be 7 months on November 8th and i eat as much as i craved especially sweetened frozen strawberries and my family thought...
Am I pregnant if I eat alot everyday, always .
If you have missed your period and you have all those signs of pregnancy I would say more than likely you are pregnant but if you haven't missed your cycle you may want to call a nurse line or your doctors office to make sure there isn't an...
Am i pregnant? I tend to eat alot now.?
No one here will be able to tell you if you are pregnant. Almost all of the symptoms you get during pregnancy can be associated with something else. Take a test, go to the doctor or do some research. This type of question is asked a thousan...

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When you were pregnant, did you eat ALOT?
Q: I had to quit smoking, and drinking. I think Ive transferred those addictions to food. I eat ALL the time. And ALOT. Im not gaining alot of weight though. Im 7 months pregnant, and in that time Ive only gained 10 lbs. Did anyone else do this?It makes me feel so bad like when family is over they all joke.. Damn that girl can eat!
A: You are just actually making up for the vices you used to have. Most people who stop smoking and drinking, pregnant or not, replace those things with food. If you've only gained 10 lbs in 7 months I wouldn't worry about what other people think...If you're hungry, eat!!
How often are you to eat when pregnant?
Q: How often is it safe to eat when your 3-4 weeks pregnant?Does eating alot occur right after conception???
A: You should listen to your body and eat when you are hungry. Later you may develop morning sickness and then you are advised to eat little and often, but generally you should eat when you want to eat. So long as you aren't pigging out on junk food and the things you are eating are on the whole healthy and nutritious if you are hungrier than usual EAT!Just listen to what your body is telling you throughout your pregnancy, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to your hunger.Good luck and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! :-)
Why do alot of people say it's not safe to eat eggs while pregnant?
Q: I know some people say it's not safe to eat alot of things while pregnant..but eggs? Since when lolI was reading a question the other day and someone said you SHOULDNT eat eggs... It will harm your unborn baby blah blah blahWell I ate eggs my first pregnancy and my baby was perfectly healthy.I'm 29 weeks pregnant with the second and I eat eggs all the time .So.. Whats the big deal?
A: It's because of the risk of salmonella if you eat undercooked eggs (runny yolk). However, your risk of getting salmonella is the exact SAME if you *aren't* pregnant, and I've sure never met someone who had salmonella and said "Darn it, I shouldn't have eaten those over-easy eggs"....LOL.I enjoyed eggs with my first pregnancy, and have done so with my second. In fact, I am having breakfast for dinner tonight, and runny eggs sounds yummy!!Also, salmonella doesn't cross the placenta, so it's not like it's going to attack your child while you have no idea. It's a type of food poisoning, so you're going to get sick. The only risk to the child is sever dehydration, which can be controlled, of course.Eat your eggs!

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