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When is the lowest chance to get pregnant

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There isnt a chance of pregnancy until about day 10 or 11 of the next cycle-just before ovulation but I would still use protection [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-the-lowest-chance-to-get-pregnant ]
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Is it true? being irrugular have a low chances to get pregnant??
no you just have to do more work like watching for the stretchy mucus taking your temperature and when you se a rise you have sex every other day until you don't se the mucus stuff but its very possible to become pregnant go to www.how to c...
Does going to the bathroom after intercourse low ones chances to ...?
While it's recommended to stay lying down for at least 20 minutes to maximize chances of conception, going to the bathroom afterward will not necessarily lower your chances (especially considering you said you did lay there for about 10 min...

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What is the chance of a lady getting pregnant when she tries to?
Q: The reasson im asking this is because my teacher said "if i told you the chance of getting pregnant you would wonder how there are so many people in this world." Is the chance of getting pregnant low im guessing.
A: Any healthy couple that have no problems with health have a 20-25% chance every month of getting pregnant. But its like a gamble one month you might not beable to but the next month you might be able to and that just happens to be the night you were drunk and said "aaaww what the hell it wont happen" It just depends....It took me and my husband 3 months to conceive but it can take other years. I hope I helped!Also just remember a woman only ovulates like 2 days out of the month and some times when her eggs drop there not even fully mature which results in NOT making a baby...Like I said its a gamble.
Is there a time during a woman's menstrual cycle when the chance of becoming pregnant is lower?
Q: I've heard that a woman is most likely to conceive after ovulation. Is it also true that the chances of becoming pregnant slim down the close she gets to menstruation?
A: The most likely time to conceive is a few days before you ovulate. Once you ovulate, the egg has 12-24 hours to get fertilized. Unless you ovulate right before your period (uncommon, most women ovulate about two weeks before their expected period) your chances of getting pregnant are extremely low.
What is the chance in percent of pregnancy when rubbing penis and vagina?
Q: My girlfriend and I decide to rub our 2 parts together, we didn't know that it could have some effects.... What are the chances she gets pregnant when no sperm came out, and little to no pre-sperm came out? Anything to prevent this or at least lower the chances she does get pregnant?
A: Wear a condom for any genital contact. Sperm is microscopic and remember it only takes one getting in to make a baby.You should take Plan B to be safe. Otherwise known as the morning after pill you can take it within 72 hours of intercourse or exposure to reduce her chances of getting pregnant. Or you could just take your chances and wait for her to get her period but remember that Plan B is way cheaper than getting an abortion.

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