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When is a woman most likely able to get pregnant

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A woman has a fertile time lasting about two days in the middle of her monthly menstrual cycle. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-a-woman-most-likely-able-to-get-pregnant ]
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How likely is a woman able to get pregnant by giving a ********??
it's impossible. in order to become pregnant, sperm has to be placed inside her reproductive system. not in her digestive.
When are women more likely to be able to get pregnant? n when are...?
Read the page linked below, which gives detailed information on how to determine the most fertile times of your cycle.

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When are women able to get pregnant?
Q: I am really confused. Some people say 2 days before period, or 2 weeks after it, 1 week before it....I want to know what time frame a woman is most likely to get pregnant. Please only answer if you know for sure!Thanks in advance. =)
A: it varies depending on cycle, but most fertile time is approximately 14 days after the start of your period.
Could I be pregnant? … I’m confused.?
Q: First of all, I am confused about when the 28 day cycle begins. For example: Do you start counting 28 days the day you get your period, or do you start counting 28days the day you finish your period?On the 29th of May (or maybe the 28th.) I got my period. (lets say we start counting 28days from the day I got my period.) so the 29th would be day one (1). On day fourteen (The 12th of June) I had unprotected sex. (with my boyfriend. First time unprotected. And obviously he came inside me.) Apparently day fourteen is when the ovulation stage occurs. And where the women is most likely able to become pregnant. It is now the 27th of June. Day 30. And I haven’t got my period, or any signs that I’m getting my period. (for example. I get really oily hair and skin and break out. Mood swings. And get bloated. As well as a craving for chocolate. None of this has happened.)I have taken two pregnancy test over the past two weeks. And both have been negative. But of course, as I read I may have taken them to early.Do you think I may be pregnant? If I count 28day from when my period finished I should be due for my period on the 30th. Which would mean my period is due two days from today. SO everything may be alright.Please Note: I have become increasingly tired and sleep a lot more in the past two weeks. My boobs are tender and saw more than usual. (they are rarely like this.) And I’ve noticed I get hot flushes and feel a bit stomach sick every now and again. (which may just be from worrying.) As well as peeing so much more than normally. (I’ve been twice while writing this!!) What does any of this mean?Also I’m seventeen years old. Still in school. (hence why I am so stressed!) Please help. You advice would be greatly appreciated!!
A: hello. Well it seems to me you are in a bit of a crisis. First of all, you start counting your period the first day you get it. Now, about the pregnancy thing, i advice you to go into the doctor's office just for an accurate answer. The symptoms you are having can be both of a pregnant women or menstrual cycle symptoms...As i read the "Plase Note" section you wrote, it seems to me that you are pregnant, but do NOT let this stress you out even more...Like i said before, go into the doctors office...or since you are underage, try a Planned ParentHood sight. They won't tell your guardian/parents. ADVICE:::: Try as hard as you can NOT to have sex without protection. Although they say that it might not feel the same with or without a condom, aim for a condom and IGNORE all the other thoughts. Now, if you don't want a condom, take birth control pills. As long as you are protected, You dont have to worry. And next time you think of having unprotected sex...think back to this situation....I hope I helped. =]
Basal Body Temperature- Alternate Birth Control Method?
Q: I saw a question on here about alternate birth control methods...This really isnt a question...Basal body temperatureThe basal body temperature (BBT) is a person's at-rest temperature. Natural cyclic changes in female hormones usually cause a woman's basal body temperature to decrease slightly just before an egg is released (ovulation) and then increase sharply 24 hours after ovulation. By carefully measuring BBT every morning before getting out of bed and recording it on a chart, many women are able to estimate when they are ovulating. This helps pinpoint when a woman is most and least likely to become pregnant.The thermometer used for measuring the BBT is marked in tenths of a degree, making it possible to detect even small rises in temperature. When the temperature goes up—usually about 0.4ºF (0.2ºC) to 1.0ºF (0.6ºC)—and stays up for several days in a row, ovulation has occurred.Keeping track of basal body temperature may be helpful for women trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy. It is one of several fertility awareness or natural family planning methods of birth control.Having sex during the 5 days before and the day of ovulation increases your chances of becoming pregnant. Avoiding sex until several days after you have ovulated may help you prevent pregnancy, because the human egg is typically fertile for only 12 to 24 hours after ovulation. Basal body temperature charting is done at home and is inexpensive. However, to get an accurate record, a woman needs to track her temperature every day for several months. Women who work varying shifts or who have irregular menstrual cycles may have difficulty getting a useful basal body temperature chart.
A: Thanks for posting this, it is information all women should know about!

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