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When does your stomach start to show when you are pregnant

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When expectant moms start to show depends on the shape the mom is in and how many times she's been pregnant. Usually by 20 weeks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-your-stomach-start-to-show-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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When does the brown line start showing on your stomach if you are...?
I was told by my doctor around 16 weeks. However, he aslo has the theory that if it is a girl there will be no line does anyone agree No, I am having a baby girl and I am getting the brown line down my stomach. It is starting below the bell...
When do you start showing a stomach when you are pregnant??
At about 3 to 4 months, very slightly usually
What week of pregnancy does your stomach start to show a bump??
It varies from women to women. The bump tends to show earlier with subsequent pregnancies so no one can really give you a definite answer. I started showing at 30 weeks with my first. -EDIT- Its not just weight that it depends on. I was 5'3...

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am i pregnant ? what are sighns of pregnancy ? when does your stomach start to show you are preganant?
Q: well on my last period i was on it for about 2 weeks the first week was my regular cycle but then the next week was just nothing but spotting and i also would have morning sickness and i noctice my appetite is getting bigger and i also havent came on my period yet please help
A: Well Love, Sounds like you could be or are preggers. Why not get a home pregnancy test and see. If you don't trust that source (and personally I wouldn't) go see your OB/GYN, that will set your suspicions into stone.Are your breast tender? Are you smelling things you never noticed before? Are you ultra sensitive, such as your sense of touch and the feeling of clothes on your body? These can all be signs that your body is changing with the impending growth of a new life, on top of the things you have already experienced.The best way to tell for sure is to go see your doctor and get tested.
When did your veins in breasts and stomach start to show in pregnancy?
Q: I asked this before and didn't get any answers..What week of your pregnancy? Did they come before you even knew you were pregnant or missed a period?
A: mine didnt really start to get darker till around 20 weeks
How much faster does your stomach grow when pregnant with twins?
Q: I know that when you're pregnant with one baby, most people don't really start to show until after a few months. I was wondering if you show much earlier when pregnant with twins? Do you basically get bigger twice as fast?
A: My friend was the same. At 3 months she looked 5 months pregnant. At two months she was already starting to show but she was really thin and petite. Good Luck.

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