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When does your stomach start getting hard if you are pregnant

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You stomach hardens as your skin and uterus expand. This varies depending on body type/size. It could happen as early as 6 wks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-your-stomach-start-getting-hard-if-you-are-pregnant ]
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Where does your stomach start getting hard at during pregnancy??
The hard part that is felt in the abdomen during pregnancy is the uterus. Early in pregnancy this will be within the pelvis. You may be able to feel it near the top of your pelvic bone.
When dose your stomach start getting hard 16 weeks pregnant??
As with everything, this depends on the person. Some women report their stomachs getting firmer toward the end of their first trimester. Most common seems to be stomach hardening at about 18-28 weeks. Other women say their tummy did not get...
When does your stomach start getting hard during your first pregn...?
it wont ever get rock hard like you would think. (i thought that too) it will mainly get firmer, and be really hard wherever the baby is at. so when you get further along and can actually feel where the baby is you will notice hard spots. i...

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when being pregnant when does your stomach start to get hard and can u feel the sack?!?
Q: i am pregnant and my babydaddy wanted to know when my stomach would start getting hard? and i really dont know because this is my first pregnancy and im only 16. really don't know about that stuff. and i wantd to know if you could feel the baby down in the lower area?.. where he/she is forming at right now. i would really like to find this out so if someone would help i would really appreciate.Well, to redo this. my question is when will my stomach get hard? im 10 weeks and my babydaddy was asking about it, and i didn't really know what to tell him. :)..hoping someone can help me with this.
A: Probably around 16 weeks, that's when it did for me.You won't feel the SACK lol but you'll feel your uterus, you'll be able to feel the top of it right below your belly button and such..I recommend buying a book called "Your Pregnancy, Week by Week"It tells you exactly where your uterus is so you can feel it every week and all kinds of cool stuff... =) I lovedddd it.In about 7-10 more weeks you will be able to feel baby moving, hehe. woohoo
How early does your stomach start growing or getting hard after you miss your period?
Q: I have a pic of my stomach. According to when my last period was missed I would be 6 weeks pregnant. My stomach looks like it's starting to get bigger but I don't know if it's just me or not. Pic: http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g199/april09_2006/Picture156-1.jpg?t=1165026860Pic #2: http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g199/april09_2006/Picture156.jpg?t=1165026896Pic # 3: (Head shot)http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g199/april09_2006/Picture129.jpg?t=1165026948
A: Cute tummy! You are right where you should be, women don't generally show until 3 months when their uterus gets too big to fit in the pelvis. With my first I didn't show until 6 months, with my second I showed at 3. First babies don't show as soon because your abdominal muscles are still tight and muscular. When I say start to show, I mean by other people noticing your pregnancy, you will notice any changes right away.
when does your stomach start to get hard? (very confused, PLEASE HELP!)?
Q: when do you feel it get hard, if you in 1st trimester does it just feel bloatie (sp?)?idk if im just imagining things or if i am pregnant, my body feels different (or it seems like it does, idk if its my mind acting up)didnt miss my period, although it was very light and lasted only 4 day when my period has ALWAYS been heavy and 7 days long. (period was the 8th to the 12th)me and my now ex had sex almost everynight since my last period in dec (the 13th) and he did c** in me.ive been cramping lightly for almost a whole month (normally i dont cramp until 2 or 3 days before i start my period)nauseous, i lost my appitite for a week then ate some french fries and now all i want to do is eat!alos stuff i used to love to eat (like subway and taco bell, taco bell is my fav!) just makes me want to get sick.discharge is a little different no smell and it seems watery.backaches and headachesi just want to sleep, ive been taking a nap like every single day and just want to sleep more, but at night i cant fall asleep, takes forever.i can be constipated then when i actually do go it like not hard like normal constipation, but sometimes i have diarrhea and it switches throughtout the day.nipple feel sore but not to bad.took 3 tests 1 a day after i stopped bleeding it was invalid, another a few days later negative with faint line, and another a few days ago and neg. idk if im just going thinking about it to much or not.idk what else could be making me feel like this, my PMS doesnt have nothing but cramps and a little moody.
A: If I remember my stuff, two weeks is about enough time to know if you are. Are your aereolas (dark circle on b00bs) darker? If anything you can find the closest Planned Parenthood and they do free pregnancy tests and obviously everything's confidential.... But in my opinion, it does sound like it.. Congrats!

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